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Dr. Francene Gayle
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Dr. Francene Gayle has over 15 years as a family medicine physician. She has held the position of Medical Director of Complete Medical Health and Huntsville Recovery in Alabama.[1] As a family medicine practitioner, Dr. Gayle has worked with patients of all ages across a spectrum of treatments and services. She is a 5-time recipient of the Patient’s Choice Award and has received the Compassionate Doctor’s Award and Outstanding Patient Experience Award on several occasions.[2][3]

Early Life and Education

Dr. Gayle grew up on Long Island in New York and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from St. John’s University in Queens, NY, in 1996. In 2002, she graduated from Howard University in Washington, DC with her Medical Degree and was the recipient of The Hildrus A. Poindexter Award for Excellence in Family Medicine. She then completed her Medical Residency in Family Medicine in 2005, at the University of Birmingham’s Huntsville Campus. Dr. Gayle also completed 2 years of studies at the Birmingham School of Law and attended Harvard University Higher Education Teaching course.

Career and Certifications

Dr. Francene Gayle has been a leader throughout her career. She has worked in Regulatory Safety at Pfizer Pharmaceutical and has served as the Medical Director at Huntsville Recovery and Complete Medical Care, LLC. In addition to serving her community as a healthcare provider, Dr. Gayle has a passion for education. She has instructed and precepted students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville in the Nurse Practitioner Program as well as Medical Assistants enrolled in Calhoun College. She has also presented and served as a guest speaker at several conferences and universities. Dr. Gayle also holds an Advanced Physician Medical Monitor Certification, Clinical Research Associate Certification as well as an Advanced International Pharmacovigilance and Argus Safety Certification.[4]


Francene Gayle has been an active philanthropist throughout her life. She volunteers with the American Red Cross, community free clinics, and health fairs. She also mentors students who are entering the healthcare field. Most notably, she began her own nonprofit organization in 2015, The Impact Mission, which has provided food, personal necessary supplies, free medical services, and screenings to individuals in communities who are uninsured and underprivileged.[5]

Dr. Gayle seeks to give back to the community through the “Dr. Francene Gayle Scholarship for Healthcare Students”.[6] She wants to increase awareness of the struggles that healthcare students must endure, and in doing so, provides scholarship funding to a deserving student on their way to a career in healthcare.[7][8]

In her free time, Dr. Gayle enjoys reading, outdoor activities and spending time with her family.


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