Daniel Ikeobi Ekwevi

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Daniel Ikeobi Ekwevi
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Born (1994-08-12) August 12, 1994 (age 29)
OrganizationCurb Consulting Ventures
  • Chioma Stephini Dan-Ekwevi
  • Daniel Obiajulu Nwakama Ekwevi

Daniel Ikeobi Ekwevi (born August 12, 1994) is an Igbo Nigerian Royal, a descendant of the Ekwevi African royal family dynasty.[1] Ekwevi is native to Umuleri which is considered the cradle of the Igbo race. He is the direct descendant of Eri; king and originator of the Igbo ethnic group from Nigeria. Ekwevi is also a business consultant, entrepreneur, budding artist, actor, and information technology expert.[2]

Ekwevi is the founder of Curb Consulting Ventures and currently serves as the chief executive officer and chief IT project consultant. He is also the creator of an athletic gear merchandise brand based on his recent art masterpiece “Ares Wept”, which is currently listed at $2.5million.[3]

Ekwevi has over a decade of executive development experience and is skilled in project management, portfolio cloud management, systems examination, and software programming development.[4]

Early life

Ekwevi was born on August 12, 1994, as a descendant of the Igbo African royal family. He is the son of The Okwoto Ekeneze of Umuleri, a traditional ruler and billionaire philanthropist named Daniel Obiajulu Nwakanma Ekwevi. Ekwevi comes from a long line of traditional rulers and spiritual leaders. Ekwevi studied at the American International School, Lagos, Nigeria. During high school, he became interested in technology, art, and entertainment.

Ekwevi holds a Bachelor of science from the Pennsylvania State University and has recently obtained his graduate certification in Business Analytics from Harvard University. He also holds certifications in cybersecurity accredited by the National Security Agency in Information Science and Technology.


Ekwevi is a budding actor and has recently signed a contract with Stars Talent Studio, Utah. Ekwevi started his acting career in theatre under the guidance of Mrs. Laura Resse. He is known to have been seen in captivating roles such as Linus from “You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" and The Baker from "Into the Woods". He is known to have garnered a fan base with his attractive and stoic personality.[5]

Ekwevi is also the founder of the athletic gear and men’s shapewear merchandise brand. He started the brand based on his recent painting masterpiece “Ares Wept”, a piece made up of pure silver and acrylic, which is listed at $2.5 million.[6]

Prior to starting his acting career, Ekwevi accomplished notable positions in the information technology security field. He is the founder of Curb Consulting Ventures, an IT development and marketing firm, a subsidiary of Done Group of Companies. Ekwevi currently serves as the CEO and IT project consultant of Curb Consulting Ventures. He has also been acknowledged as a Tech Titan in the tech industry by the Harrisburg Young Professional Organization for his remarkable accomplishments in the field.

Prior to his current title at Curb Consulting Ventures, Ekwevi worked through the roles as a data analyst, managerial assistant, business analyst, project manager, operations support, and data administrator at several organizations including Conduent, Pheaa, Envision, and The Palms Shopping center.

Awards and honors

  • AISA West African Community Service Award by American International School Lagos
  • Member of the Dean’s list issued by Pennsylvania State University
  • Tech Titan by Harrisburg Young Professional Organization

Personal life

In his free time, Ekwevi enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and fencing. He is also an avid contributor to his church and enjoys spending time in religious activities. Ekwevi is also known for his philanthropic work with Hope’s Door New Beginning Centre and Habitat for Humanity International.


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