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Brian Dainis
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CitizenshipUnited States
  • Curotec (Founder & CEO)
  • CrewSnap (Co-founder)
  • Envision Den (Founder)

Brian Dainis is an American technology entrepreneur, web/application developer, and advisor based in Philadelphia.[1] He is recognized as the founder and CEO of Curotec, a web and software development company. Dainis is also known for founding Envision Den, a holding company investing in technology startups. He is the co-founder of CrewSnap, a software company that streamlines daily functions in human resource management.[2]

Dainis also serves on advisory boards for various startups and non-profits. He is a strategic technology advisor at Sena Health. He hosts the Cache Flow Podcast, featuring interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs in the tech industry.


Dainis started his career as a field sales engineer in 2007, selling Verizon FiOS services door-to-door.

He co-founded Sadree Web Design in 2008, offering web design and digital marketing services to small businesses.

In 2010, Dainis established Curotec, a web and software development firm specializing in Laravel, Vue.js, and WordPress development. Curotec serves high-growth SaaS companies and enterprise organizations, delivering services such as web development, SaaS and business application development, and augmented development teams. The company is renowned for its expertise in creating award-winning websites and digital properties.

In May 2022, Dainis founded Envision Den, a holding company for investments in technology startups and ideas.

In December 2022, Dainis co-founded CrewSnap, a software development company revolutionizing staffing firms' operations by providing enhanced software tools for automating staffing, recruiting, and placement functions.

Dainis hosts the Cache Flow Podcast, focusing on insightful conversations about building high-growth technology companies. The podcast features interviews with technology industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Dainis also contributes his expertise as an advisor to various non-profits, healthtech, insurtech, fintech, and SaaS companies. He is a strategic technology advisor at Sena Health.


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