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Black & White Zebra
IndustryOnline media
Founded2008; 15 years ago (2008)
FounderBen Aston
HeadquartersVancouver, Canada
Number of locations

Black & White Zebra (BWZ) is an independent and fully bootstrapped media company founded by Ben Aston, a renowned digital project manager and entrepreneur with over a decade’s experience in the advertising and marketing industries.[1] BWZ is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and acts as a holding company for a portfolio of online publications. The publications cover project management, product management, people management, customer experience, quality assurance and others with the goal of connecting people with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed professionally.[2]

BWZ focuses on content creation that includes in-depth how-to guides. training courses, and member forums that help people succeed at work.[3] This content supports organizations through better led and equipped teams.[4]

BWZ has gained recognition as a pioneering indie company through their innovative monetization models which include advertising, training, membership and digital products.[5]

BWZ has been featured in several media outlets for its unique platforms The company specializes in creating share-worthy content, community building, dynamic experiences, digital marketing.[6]

Furthermore, BWZ has secured a wide range of prolific partnerships with SaaS companies including, ClickUp and SmartSheet that have exponentially grown their businesses by leveraging the company’s services.


Black & White Zebra was originally started as a digital communications consultancy, creating websites for clients.[7] In 2018, following success with the blog, The Digital Project Manager, they shifted focus to expand their publications and make the shift to become a media company.[8] Their new focus was to create platforms for digital thought leadership in emerging digital disciplines. Their media properties enable learning and the development of best practice through articles, community, training and events.[9]

Since its inception, BWZ has gained recognition for providing a range of multi-channel commercialization solutions to build, maintain and monetize customer ties. It combines review management, competitive insights, content management, enterprise-grade schema management, and digital marketing analytics into a single platform. BWZ has expanded its operations, segregating them under its six online publications.[10]


The Digital Project Manager (DPM)

Launched in 2011, the DPM has become the world’s largest community of digital project managers that focuses on helping people manage digital projects better.[11] The DPM includes a podcast, online events including webinars and workshops and an informative blog filled with resources, how-to guides, tips and tools.[12] The DPM launched their online project management training called DPM School in 2018 and their online community membership in 2019.[13]

People Managing People

Launched in 2019, this publication is People Managing People is a community and independent publication for people managers and culture creators.[14] It aims at helping leaders lead and manage their teams and organizations more effectively to create and develop healthy workforces and workplace culture. In response to the rise of remote working as a result of COVID19, in April 2021, they launched the Remote Workplace Success Summit,[15] a free event for managers, leaders, and HR leaders who want to create vibrant remote workplaces.[16]

QA Lead

Launched in 2019, this publication primarily focuses on quality engineering and quality assurance thought leadership. It’s destined to become the largest, most influential and active community of technology and quality leaders in the world.[17]

The Product Manager

Launched in 2019, this publication focuses on product management information and thought leadership, specifically designed to connect global product managers and owners.[18]

Indie Media Club

Launched in 2020, this publication acts as a platform to connect entrepreneurs in the media industry.[19]

Behavioural Collective

The newest publication, launched in collaboration with Erika Ng in 2021 acts as an evidence-based behavioral health resource, comprising well-researched data especially concerning young children. It aims to help people make informed healthcare decisions.[20]


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