Anthony Robert Malascalza

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Anthony Robert Malascalza
Anthony Robert Malascalza.jpg
Born (1994-02-21) February 21, 1994 (age 30)
Newark, Delaware
CitizenshipUnited States of America
EducationDelaware Tech
  • Entrepreneur
  • Real estate investor
OrganizationLCM INC.

Anthony Robert Malascalza (born 21 February 1994; ) is an Italian American entrepreneur, real estate investor, marketing expert, consultant, influencer, podcaster and philanthropist. Malascalza is best known for pioneering outreach marketing and has built a network of influencers. He currently serves as a CEO of LCM Inc., a consulting and marketing company that became a multi-dollar business in a couple of years in his leadership.

Right from his childhood, Malascalza has seen hardships especially after divorce of his parents. He has displayed an interest in entrepreneurship at a young age, in his early career, he has worked as a door to door salesman, which drove his passion in marketing and sales.

Malascalza is often found endorsing education and has participated in several campaigns supporting children. He shares his story with people to inspire and make them believe in their goals and dreams. Malascalza has built a strong network of followers on his social handles, where he is often found to inspire people to follow their dreams.

Early life and education

Malascalza was born on 21 February 1994 in Newark, Delaware. He was the youngest of 2 brothers. When he was only 4, his parents divorced. This forced Malascalza and his family to bounce from house to house. Much of his early childhood years were miserable and filled with life struggles due to poor financial conditions. These early hardships had influenced Malascalza to live bigger dreams and made him a strong determined person.

He didn't have a formal education and dropped out of college.


After dropping out of college, Malascalza had no clue where to start his career. He started his career as a door to door salesman, which helped him in learning the sales and marketing strategies. Inspired by entrepreneurship, he set up a marketing and consulting company, LCM Inc in energy deregulation.[1][2]

In a very short span of time, LCM was able to find clients and had more than a million in revenue in its first year. The company was able to receive serious attention from brands because of its strategic outreach marketing programs and campaigns[3]. In a few years, under Malascalza’s leadership, LCM became a multi-dollar enterprise and was successfully able to gain market share.[4]

At age of 27, Malascalza became a millionaire by bootstrapping his company and strong will. He has been often found inspiring people to fulfill their dreams and gained a mass following on his social handles.[5][6]

Malascalza is also a real-estate investor and holds multi units, which has helped him in gaining more wealth. He has also established himself as a social media influencer and also runs a podcast.[7][8]


Malascalza is often seen at public events to support education and children. He shares his own story with people to inspire them to face hardships and become a better version of themselves to look forward and work hard to achieve success. Through his social handles, Malascalza connects with a larger audience to dream, believe and execute their goals to gain financial independence.[9][10] On multiple occasions, he has openly expressed to start a free mentorship program to help entrepreneurs coming from middle class and deprived communities to help them attain their goals. Malascalza has planned to share his personal experience and strategies he has used to find entrepreneurial success.[11][12]


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