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Andrew Kamal
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Andrew Magdy Kamal

(1996-08-06) August 6, 1996 (age 24)
  • Inventor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Blockchain Engineer
Years active2007–present
Known forHigh IQ, Underwater WiFi, Lonero, and various projects

Andrew Magdy Kamal is a polymath of Coptic descent. He is an aspergers savant and someone with a recognized high IQ. According to Record Holders Republic and Unique World Records, he scored the highest IQ[1][2] through various scales. Since 1990, the Guinness Book of World Records have rested its high IQ category.[3] Andrew's record came more than two decades afterwards.

Given polymath capabilities, Andrew have been actively involved in a wide array of different fields and various sciences[4][5][6]. Andrew was actively interested in cryptocurrency and various blockchain technologies since 2011[7][8]. He is behind Lonero, CrowdCoin, CrowdWave, EtherStone, WeCrypto,[9] and created his own decentralized internet. Andrew's decentralized-internet SDK has been downloaded by over 100k developers[10] (as of May 2020), and outside of his SDK, he has a decentralized operating system known as Lonero OS[11]. Andrew also started various startups and side projects including Stark Drones and QuantPortal. He helped popularize FHB Galaxies[12] along with Thomas Scott Zolotor. He also conceptualized QSOPR Theorem: Quantum Similarity Origin Point References, MDQBT: Multi-Dimensional Quantum Breakpoint Theorem, QSICT: Quantum Simulated Informational Consciousness Theory[13] and tried writing mathematical code to represent areas in sociophysics, nature, and human biological systems.

Personal life

Andrew is a deontologist, who has talked about various social issues. Consequently, he is known to be very pro-life[14][15]

Andrew is known to have called racism among the worst of humanity[16]. Andrew's religious views are fund of apostolic traditions and orthodoxy[17], and he considers himself a miaphysite. He often writes about theology on various topics debating back and forth against heterodox teachings. Andrew has identified as a conservative republican but shifted towards becoming more of an anarcho-capitalist[18]


Honors & Awards

• Global Leaderboard (Pioneer.App) ~ November 2019[19]

• Challenge Finalist (Detroit FinTech Challenge) ~ July 2019[20]

• 3rd Place Quarter Finalist (ErieHack) ~ April 2019[21]

• Communities XPrize Finalist (Barbara Bush Foundation) ~ April 2019[22]

• National Semi-Finalist (GigabitDCx) ~ November 2018[23]

• Semi-Finalist (43 North) ~ July 2017[24]

• Quarter Finalist (CodeLaunch) ~ June 2017[25][26]

• Best Mock Pitch (American Marketing Association) ~ May 2017[27]

• Hackcelerator Runner Up (AngelHack) ~ May 2017[28][29]

• 1st Place Semi-Finalist (Cleveland Water Association) ~ April 2017[30]

• Most Improved Upon Technology (OU INC MedTech Innovation Weekend) ~ April 2017[31]

• Most Innovation Tech (TechStars Startup Drive) ~ March 2017[32][33]

• 2 out of 3 Hackathon Prizes | Twitter Prize and 2nd Place (10*10 Virtual Hackathon/Bloomberg) ~ October 2014[34][35]

• People’s Choice Award for App Pick (MiBytes Summer Camp) ~ July 2014[27][36]

• 1st Place Regional Science Fair (US Air Force) ~ March 2012[37][38]



Year Title Role Notes
2022 St. George the Iron Soldier Producer Pre-Production[39]
2021 Chess TV Live! (TV Series) Producer Pre-Production
2021 Cadillac Respect (Short) Associate Producer Filming
2019 Comic Gadget Labs (TV Series documentary) Executive Producer Regarding Series[40][41]
2019 Kamal's Startup Academy (TV Series) Producer Regarding Series[42][43]
2018 Bragi Cinema (TV Mini-Series) Executive Producer 3 Episodes
2015-2017 LeagueOne: In the Spotlight! (TV Series) Associate Producer 20 Episodes
2015 Cereal Assassin (Short) Executive Producer Short
2015 Kill the Florist (Short) Executive Producer Short
2010 Coptic Broadcasting Network (TV Series) Producer Regarding Series[44]


Year Title Role Notes
2019 Block Alert (TV Series) Self Series
2019 Comic Gadget Labs (TV Series documentary) Self Series
2019 Kamal's Startup Academy (TV Series) Self Series
2010 Coptic Broadcasting Network (TV Series) Usual Host Series

See the rest of the filmography list here[45].

2018 to Present

Andrew does research into a variety of different topics including: Quantum Holographics, Free Energy Entropy Systems, Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Computational Chemical Modeling, Quantum Similarity, Quantum Tunneling and Quantum State Tomography[46]. He is also avidly involved within the field of algorithmic trading[47][48]. Andrew blogs and writes about a variety of issues and publishes research both independently or competes in startup or crowdsourced innovation challenges.[49] He has started a chess league known as the International Online Chess Syndicate.[4]

Lonero (Cryptocurrency)

Andrew is one of the people behind the cryptocurrency and blockchain startup Lonero.

Name Symbol Supply Algo Type Creator(s) Founder(s)
Lonero LNR 85,000,000 Hybrid PoC Decentralized Andrew Magdy Kamal Andrew Magdy Kamal, Luke Yaldo

Lonero is a decentralized cryptocurrency that didn't ICO[50]. Part of Lonero's technological architecture includes a custom masternode consensus known as HashBolt. Lonero's consensus has been built for mining between ASIC and Non-ASIC type hardware architecture. Lonero also have worked on a decentralized internet and helped popularize a decentralized internet alternative[51] through an SDK. Their decentralized internet SDK have been downloaded and utilized by over 100k developers[52][10] as of May 2020. It is also explained as a blockchain tool[53]. Zeronet, IPFS, Freenet, and I2P (among others) are different alternatives to Lonero's SDK[51]. Lonero is also behind the Lonero OS[11], which is a decentralized operating system whose first distro was a Lubuntu fork. Other technologies included LocalHost ASIC Virtualization[54], and the experimental development of LonScript (a programming language)[55]. A BitCoinTalk announcement have first mentioned Lonero on July 2018[56], and Lonero has attempted to run a voluntary marketing bounty on August 2018. The creator behind Lonero also posts articles on HackerNoon[57] and have talked about various usecases of Lonero from biostatistical computing pipelines to custom grid computing networks for various areas. In December 2019, a paper published on distributed web systems that mentions post-quantum cryptologic methodologies was published as an IACR preprint[58]. Lonero also started a page on the hardware electronics and maker website Hackaday[59]. In terms of being active with the marker community, Lonero's creator have spoke at various Maker Faire events, and created ChainBoard[60], hardware keys[61][62], and PeerTop[63][64]. ChainBoard had a cancelled Kickstarter campaign[65], and various projects utilizing Lonero's protocols have competed in competitions including a project centered around underwater wireless networks[66]. Currently, Lonero is working on expanding its decentralized internet, protocols usage, and use cases. Lonero's software is utilized for both DAPP creation and mining. Things such as blockchain-oriented adoption matching networks have been proposed by Lonero[67]

Andrew Kamal in the media



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