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Alsafwa Cement Company
IndustryCement and Building Materials
Founded2007; 17 years ago (2007)
Key people
Yasser Zayed (CEO)

ALsafwa Cement Company is a manufacturer and supplier of cement-based solutions headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.[1] Founded in 2007 by El-Khayyat Group, the company focuses on energy solutions and sustainability initiatives with the objective of reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Alsafwa Cement has a global reach of 8500 km, 1000+ clients, and claims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25%.[2]


Alsafwa Cement Company was founded in 2007 in Jeddah, in the western region of Saudi Arabia. It is a joint venture between El-Khayyat Group — the pioneers in the field of building materials in the Kingdom.[3]

In February 2012, the company was further strengthened by the entry of two public funds, the Public Pension Authority (PPA) and the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

Alsafwa plant is about 140 km north of Jeddah with a 4.2 million tonne capacity, producing multiple types of cement products. In 2016, Alsafwa Cement officially became a 100% national company through the acquisition of El-Khayyat Group.


Alsafwa Cement offers a variety of products which are as follows:

Bonyan 42.5N : Alsafwa’s Bonyan Cement is ideal for small residential buildings and is the most efficient and optimal for all construction applications.

Pozzolanic Portland Super Cement – PPC 52.5N : Alsafwa’s Pozzolanic Cement is one of the most environmentally friendly cement products that supports green projects and improves the degree of thermal insulation and fire resistance. This cement is used in the manufacturing of tiles and blocks.

Portland Cement OPC 52.5N: Alsafwa’s Portland Cement is a low-alkali cement with higher long-term resistance used for manufacturing pipes, tunnels, and concrete structures.

Joddran Super 32.5N- Alsafwa’s Joddran Super Cement is said to be the company’s most innovative cement solution. The cement regulates hydration and drying and spreads over more square meters than any other cement. It is particularly used for installing tiles.

Precasto 52.5R- Alsafwa’s Precasto cement is high-powered and ideal for manufacturing prestressing and post-tensioning of slabs and beams. The cement is excellent for manufacturing precast and special products.

Sulfate Resistance Cement SRC 52.5N- Alsafwa’s Sulfate Resistance Cement is used in sewage treatment structures, mass concrete structures, piles, foundations, underground structures, and precast concrete.

White Cement 52.5N - Alsafwa’s White Cement is used for many different purposes, such as precast, pre-stressed architectural concrete, cast-in-place architectural structural concrete, gfrc, coloured render, plaster, mortar grout, terrazzo mosaic flooring, etc.

Oil-well Cement - Alsafwa’s Oil-well Cement is a special type of cement with high performance in terms of strength, setting time and resistant to high temperature. Oil-well cement to be used in oil and gas well drilling, the well should be cased and cemented to ensure the stability of the wellbore and to isolate the trouble areas.

3D cement - Alsafwa’s 3D cement is a special type of cement mixture, it uses in modern construction using robotic arms, it has the property of fast hardening and the ability to pump smoothly and thus helps architects to do architectural designs that were not possible before.

Awards and Recognition

Alsafwa Cement has been a recipient of two gold awards in the Gulf Sustainability Competition. The company was awarded in the categories of ”Green Buildings” and “Water or Waste management.”

Alsafwa Cement also won a bronze award in the category “Best Sustainability Initiative” at the International Business Excellence Awards 2021. The company also obtained a green company and green products certificate from a German company and is the first Saudi cement company to acquire this accreditation.

Social Activity

Alsafwa Cement is constantly eager to start charity programmes with the goal of promoting the volunteering culture, boosting employee engagement, and enhancing the efficiency of volunteer work. In collaboration with a number of nonprofit groups, the "Key of the House" campaign was introduced in Jeddah city in October 2021. The effort aims to renovate family houses to enhance safe housing and improve both the individual and societal quality of life. With the help of more than 30 volunteers from the company's staff and the local youth, the house was totally repaired in just 20 days.

Green Initiatives

Alsafwa cement company is delighted to be the first cement firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to get the appropriate environmental certifications and licences to recycle industrial waste and employ it as an alternative fuel in cement kilns to minimise dependence on fossil fuels. The company worked on several projects:

Tire recycling project - Recycling 12 million tyres at the landfill and preventing more from going there saves the environment.

Carbon ash recycling project - The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection granted the first cement business, Alsafwa Cement Company, authority to recycle tyres and carbon ash in cement kilns.

Industrial Waste recycling project - The Yanbu Royal Commission has awarded the Alsafwa Cement Company a 30-year contract to construct and run an industrial waste management platform. AlSafwa will construct and run the industrial platform alongside its technical partner.

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