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Alexander Cavendish
Alexander Cavendish.jpg
Alma materETH Zurich
  • Hedonova (Founder & Chief Executive Officer)
  • Government of Mongolia (Advisor)

Alexander Cavendish is a French business executive, entrepreneur, investment professional, hedge fund manager, and advisor who is best known for co-founding Hedonova, an alternative investment management firm based in Los Angeles, California.[1]

With his extensive experience in investment banking and emerging markets, Cavendish has made a significant contribution to the development of Mongolia's financial infrastructure. As the co-founder of Hedonova, he has brought alternative investments to retail investors and has expanded the company's presence in Europe and Asia. His professional achievements have earned him a reputation as a successful entrepreneur and investment professional.[2]


Cavendish received his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich).


After completing his education, Cavendish started his career as a derivative structurer for UBS in Zurich. He then switched to investment banking and worked for Morgan Stanley in London. During his 13-year stint there, he pushed the investment bank to focus on capital raising for startups and advised European tech unicorns like Bird and Omio on their fundraising.[3]

After leaving Morgan Stanley, Cavendish worked for DKEP, where he faced certain challenges while targeting Indian dental clinics for investments with his colleague Suman Bannerjee. Realizing the challenges faced by retail investors while accessing alternative investments, Cavendish and Bannerjee conceptualized the idea to establish Hedonova.[4]

Hedonova was founded in December 2019, and it is known for its investments in alternative asset classes such as real estate, wines, art, startups, students, NFTs, litigation finance, and equipment finance. The company has expanded its presence in Europe and Asia by operating feeder funds in countries such as India, Singapore, and Luxembourg. Bannerjee serves as the chief investment officer at Hedonova, overseeing the company's investment strategies and ensuring the performance of its portfolios.[5]

Cavendish is also an advisor to the Government of Mongolia on divestment of state owner enterprises, executing the setting up of the country's stock exchange and advising on the listing of the largest Mongolian firms. He has a deep understanding of emerging markets, especially Central Asia, and has been instrumental in developing Mongolia's financial infrastructure.[6]


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