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A business executive is a person who is in charge of the day-to-day operations of a company, albeit the specific nature of the function varies from organisation to organisation.

Executives are in charge of running businesses or government bodies. They devise strategies to aid in the expansion of their respective enterprises. Being promoted to the position of executive often requires years of hard work and promotion after promotion, since the prerequisites for this position need hardworking people with years of expertise in numerous parts of the organisation.

The business executive vocation encompasses a wide range of positions. Chief executive officer, department store manager, and small company owner are examples of such jobs. Executives are in control of the operations of their company. They are in charge of developing and reviewing the company's objectives. They collaborate closely with a group of upper-level employees or assistants.. In order to attain these objectives, this team may develop both long- and short-term strategies. Once the plans are finalised, executives ensure that the organisation adheres to the new guidelines. They do this by visiting with the managers of all of the departments and receiving progress updates from them. In most cases, executives are chosen by the owners, shareholders, and board of directors of the business in which they work. The word typically refers to the person in charge of the organisation or someone who is active in upper-level management of a corporation or enterprise, as opposed to the individual who founded, owned, or controlled the organisation in the first place.