Akram Ammar

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Akram Ammar
Akram Ammar.jpg
CitizenshipUnited Arab Emirates
Alma mater
  • Lebanese University
  • American University of Sharjah
  • Sahara Center ( Managing director)
  • Al Nahda Real Estate & Development (CEO & managing director)
  • Adventureland UAE (CEO & managing director)
  • Sahara Healthcare City (Managing director)

Akram Ammar is a Lebanese entrepreneur known for his role as managing director of Sahara City and its associated companies, including Sahara Centre, Sahara Healthcare City, and Al Nahda Real Estate.[1] He is also the CEO for Tunis Sports City and Hist in Morocco. He is recognized for his contributions to positioning the Sahara Centre as a prominent shopping destination in Dubai and Sharjah, offering a range of shopping outlets, dining options, entertainment, and wellness facilities.[2][3]

Early life and education

Ammar was born and raised in Lebanon. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science and government studies from the Lebanese University, Beirut, in 1997. In 2009, he obtained an MBA from the American University of Sharjah.


Ammar began his career in mall management and leasing at Abu Dhabi Mall in 1996. Before this, he was the founder and vice president of Leaders Group in Beirut, Lebanon.[4][5][6]

In February 2002, Ammar inaugurated the Sahara Center, a mall located on the Dubai-Sharjah highway.[7] Under Ammar's leadership, the Sahara Center has undergone significant expansions to meet the evolving needs of its clientele.[8] The mall undertook the eastern expansion project in 2013 and the western expansion in 2021, bringing the total number of stores to 545 and the total area to 275,000 square meters.[9]

Ammar has transformed Sahara Centre into one of the premier shopping destinations in Dubai and Sharjah, positioning it as the ideal one-stop destination for retail, leisure, dining, and wellness.[10][11] The Sahara Centre now offers a diverse retail mix, dining options, entertainment, and wellness facilities, including Adventureland theme park, Novo Cinemas, and Sahara Healthcare City.[12] Sahara Healthcare City is a premium health and wellness hub spanning five floors on the mall's top.[13] It has forged partnerships with renowned healthcare brands such as the Neuropedia Children's Neuroscience Center and FertiClinic Fertilization Center.[14]

Ammar is also the CEO and managing director of Al Nahda Real Estate & Development, contributing to the growth and development of the real estate sector in Dubai.[15]


Ammar is committed to philanthropy, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.[16] Under his guidance, the Sahara Centre has fulfilled the wishes of special children from Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services [SCHS], providing them with essential items such as mobile phones and bedroom furniture.[17][18]


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