Agam Pandit

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Agam Pandit
Agam Pandit.JPG
Born (1981-11-12) November 12, 1981 (age 42)
  • Ex Indian Cricketer
  • Serial Business Entrepreneur
  • Angel Investor
  • Quantum Age corporation
  • ADC Energy USA
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Spouse(s)Maegha Pandit
ChildrenAdhira Pandit
  • Manohar Pandit (father)
  • Girija Pandit (mother)

Agam Pandit (born 12 November 1981) is an Indian entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist based in the United States.[1] He is the Managing Partner/ Executive Vice President at ADC Energy. Together with his company, he collaborates with NASA on outer space missions to the Moon and Mars. He serves as the Managing Director at Quantum Age Corporation and CEO for Asia Continent. Pandit is also a Global Brand Ambassador of PUREPrana and director of the Lead India Foundation USA.[2]

Pandit is regarded as one of the youngest Influential People around the globe and has substantial experience as an angel investor.[3] He is frequently associated with projects concerning clean and renewable energy, and energy access projects, apart from his active involvement as a philanthropist in uplifting the society at large.[4]

Prior to becoming an international business entrepreneur, Pandit was a cricket player. He represented the Indian team at multiple national and international tournaments. He was also a member of the Junior Indian Cricket Team that won the World Cup for India in 1996 at Lords, England.

Pandit for his contributions to the industry has been honored by numerous prolific personalities including US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Dr. Kiran Bedi, and Abu Dhabi King Sheikh Nayan to name a few.[5]

Early life and education

Pandit was born on 12 November 1981 in Mumbai, India. During his time at the Springfield high school, in Bandra, India, he began his cricket career. Soon, Pandit became a member of the Junior Mumbai cricket team and was later selected for the Junior Indian cricket team.

Later, Pandit acquired a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Mumbai University and then went to Harvard Business School where he did a Diploma course in Economics with a specialization in Finance.


Pandit began his career while he was still in high school. Initially, he started out his career as a cricketer, playing at national tournaments, representing the Junior Indian Cricket team. He was also a member of the team one the World Cup championship at Lords in 1996. He continued his career as a sportsperson till 2008 and was an All-rounder Player for Indian Cricket Team and Mumbai Cricket, Team. During this time he toured across India, the UK, Canada, Sri Lanka, the USA, Australia, and Dubai.[6]

In 2010, Pandit began his entrepreneurial journey when he was in the USA. He began investing in infrastructure projects and stock trading and fostering strong investor relationships with renowned universal companies. Prior to that he also gained experience in the field of finance and marketing working at Barclays Bank PLC, handling retail assets, sales, and commercial banking.[7]

Pandit is an avid philanthropist and is currently a Director of Lead India Foundation USA. He has also worked on several programs involving youth empowerment, renewable energy, and women's empowerment.[8] Pandit is an active volunteer at Navjyoti Global Arm, a non-profit organization led by Dr. Kiran Bedi, and also manages a number of successful fundraising events in India. He is also actively engaged in caring for the elderly at the London Old Age Home.[9]

Awards and recognition

Pandit was a member of the junior Indian cricket team that won the World Cup championship at Lords 1996. He is also the recipient of the Goa Ranji Trophy and was honored by the President of India Dr. Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma & Prime Minister of India Shri H.D Gowda for his excellence in Cricket. Pandit has also been featured in the World book of records for hosting the first-ever 24-hour continuous Live webinar.

Personal life

Pandit is married to Maegha Pandit and they have a kid together named Adhira Pandit. He is trilingual, fluent in English, Hindi, and Marathi.


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