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Zack Mozes
Zack Mozes.jpg
Zachary Mozes

(1986-02-05) February 5, 1986 (age 38)
Santa Monica, California
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma materUniversity of Arizona
OrganizationNewDeez (CEO)
Height6 ft (183 cm)

Zack Mozes (born on February 5, 1986) is an American digital marketer, entrepreneur, SEO expert, and business executive, widely recognized for founding NewDeez, a global digital marketing company.[1][2]

With more than 15 years of experience in the field, Zack Mozes has gained a reputation for his proficiency in elevating brands to the status of household names and enhancing their online visibility. His expertise lies in directing leads toward clients’ websites and generating traffic. Zack Mozes has become a leader in the digital marketing industry and has made a significant impact on the growth and success of various companies.

Early life and education

Zack Mozes was born and raised in Santa Monica, California. He pursued higher education in law and graduated from the University of Arizona. During his time at the university, he developed a keen interest in investing in stocks and bonds, and by the end of his degree, he had an impressive investment portfolio. This led to a job offer from a finance firm, where he honed his skills and gained valuable experience.


Following his successful career in the finance industry, Zack Mozes redirected his attention to the burgeoning cannabis industry in California.[3] Taking advantage of the state's legalization of cannabis, he founded Cali Marketing, a company that revolutionized the entire weed industry by digitalizing it. Zack Mozes designed websites, developed applications, procured content,[4] and optimized search platforms, enabling dispensaries to offer online sales and doorstep delivery of weed to customers.[5]

After achieving more than ten years of success with Cali Marketing, Zack Mozes extended his business ventures by establishing NewDeez, a digital marketing agency[6] that specializes in website development, increasing search visibility and social media presence, and enhancing the digital performance of their client's businesses.[7] NewDeez has gained recognition as a global player, having clients and employees from different parts of the world.[8] Notably, NewDeez has worked with distinguished companies such as UPS, Herbarium, Spa Logic, Granny Za, Viva Hair, and Ophora Water. The agency offers a wide range of digital marketing services, including website design and development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. A unique aspect that distinguishes NewDeez from other competitors is its commitment to providing month-to-month contracts, which offer more flexibility to clients instead of long-term commitments.[9]

Personal life

Zack Mozes is an avid hiker, snowboarder, and tennis player.

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