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Young B. Seale
Young B Seale.JPG
Douglas Wright
Other names
  • Young B.Seale
  • YBS
  • Tink
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Properties Inclusive Inc.
  • Douglas Wright Sr. (father)
  • Judie Riley (mother)

Douglas Wright, popularly known as Young B.Seale and YBS, is an American serial entrepreneur, rapper, music producer, and real estate investor.[1] He is the founder of the AREA57 MUSIC GROUP, a record label representing multiple budding artists such as C-Staxz, Stax, Darius Jay, and others.[2]

Young B. Seale has over two decades of experience in the music industry and has gained recognition for helping music artists gain mass popularity with his widespread and innovative approach. Young B. Seale, in his diversified career, has also collaborated with numerous prolific artists such as Big Sike of 2pac Shakur group, Thug Life, Lil Flip, Mike Jones, The Menace Clan, Devin the Dude, and others. He is also a former lead member of Mash Unit, a rap group from Houston.[3]

Apart from his career in the music industry, Young B. Seale is also the founder of, a platform that helps people with master credit restoration, and Properties Inclusive Inc., a real estate firm dealing in residential and commercial properties.[4]

Early life and education

Young B. Seale was born in 1975 to Douglas Wright Sr and Judie Riley in Houston, Texas. A week after he was born, Young B. Seale’s mother took him to her hometown Chicago, Illinois, where he grew up. As a young kid, Young B. Seale dreamed of becoming a professional boxer and football player and participated in various local sports competitions. Hailing from a family of two NFL players, Young B. Seale soon became a proficient football player (running back.)

Apart from that, Young B. Seale also has a keen interest in music, and growing up, listened to Marvin gay, Teddy Pendergrass, one way, Curtis Mayfield, who had a huge impact on him. Young B. Seale has always been inclined towards Funk Music, with Prince and Rick James being his two favorite musicians. In 1989, Young B. Seale began to learn trumpet and then drumming. Eventually, the rise of hip-hop culture inspired him immensely, especially the music by Big Daddy Kane, Too Short, and Eazy-E.

When he was 14 years old, Young B. Seale inclined towards the dark end and began stealing cars and selling drugs. Soon an arrest record followed, which turned his life upside down. Going through such hardships at a young age, Young B. Seale decided to take a hold of his life, in which music played an integral role. He enrolled in an art institution for a semester and then went to Columbia College. During his time at college, Young B. Seale became friends with Joseph Sikora, who later became a muscle for his hit show ‘Power!’ This stability was short-lived and after graduation, Young B. Seale went back to selling drugs in Southside Houston.


In 1995, Young B. Seale, after saving enough money, moved to Chillicothe, Ohio in pursuit to follow his passion and become a rapper. He began working at The Recording Workshop, where he learned the basis of audio engineering, acquiring a certification.[5]

In 1996, Young B. Seale again started selling drugs and taking his business to a new level, constantly traveling between Houston and Chicago. A year later, when his brother gifted him his first Sony production workstation, Young B. Seale started taking music more seriously and then soon purchased the mpc-2000 to further hone his skills as a musician.[6]

The first project he produced was Hell is hot The world is cold dedicated to childhood friend Emmitt 50 Pak Harris. This project gained attention both locally and regionally which inspired Young B. Seale to start his own rap group - Mash Unit. Young B. Seale was the lead in this group, which is when he came up with his street name Young B.Seale. For a short while, the group did well, but eventually, it disbanded because its members succumbed to felonies.

After that, Young B. Seale collaborated with other independent artists such as Big Sike of 2pac Shakur group Thug Life, The Menace Clan, Lil Flip, Mike Jones, Devin the Dude, and others. It was during this time he created another alias for himself - AREA57, his production name and established a recording studio and record label - AREA57 MUSIC GROUP. The first release by this label was the C-Staxz Ep titled "Presidential" which gained mass popularity resulting in a music tour for the artist featuring 2 Chainz, Lil Boosie, and Kevin Gates.[7]

In 2016, Young B. Seale discovered a young artist from Detroit - Stax, and helped him with his debut via AREA57 MUSIC GROUP. Ain't Never by Stax charred on urban billboard independent list, adding to the long list of accomplishments of Young B. Seale.[8]

As of 2021, he is working with a new R&B artist - Darius Jay, and recently released his single Pop song featuring BeatKing. This song is exponentially receiving new listeners both on iTunes and Spotify.[9]


Young B. Seale released one album in 2009 titled Blow comprising 15 songs.


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