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Vladislav Soloviev
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Vladislav Alexandrovich Soloviev

(1973-05-14) May 14, 1973 (age 50)
Other namesHonest Political Scientist

Vladislav Soloviev (born May 27, 1973) is a Russian political scientist, journalist, economic expert,[1] blogger,[2] and columnist known for his analytical articles discussing global crises, public affairs, and political subjects.[3] He has gained prominence for his contributions in these fields since 2014. Soloviev is recognized for his engagement as a blogger on personal platforms and social media communities.[4]

Early life and education

Soloviev was born and raised in Moscow in 1973. His father worked as a designer engineer, while his mother was a bookkeeper at a Compass construction bureau. During his formative years, Soloviev displayed an interest in history, often exploring historical sites such as Borodino and engaging in extensive readings on the subject at the Moscow library.

In 1996, Soloviev completed his education at the Moscow Institute of Technology and Management. His parents' preference for an engineering degree led him to enroll at Stankin MSUT. However, he eventually decided to discontinue the engineering course, and follow his political science career.


Journalistic Beginnings and Transition to Political Science

During his student years, Soloviev embarked on his journey in journalism. It was during this period that he adopted the pseudonym "Honest Political Scientist." His initial articles focused on scientific and pragmatic topics tailored for a select readership.[5] Despite their specialized nature, these articles found their way into notable Russian and foreign publications, including "Political Thought," "New Newspaper," "Polis," and "Russia in Global Politics." Over time, Soloviev transitioned to a more accessible style, leading to publications in mainstream newspapers such as "AiF" and "Svobodnaya Mysl." Concurrently, he re-engaged with academia, enrolling as a correspondence student at the State University of Management.[6]

Soloviev initiated his career as a junior economist in a joint-stock financial corporation. In 2010, he resigned from his position as director of the economic department at Premier Consulting to shift his focus toward economics, journalism, and political science.[7]

Soloviev's career gained momentum with the publication of his articles on various Internet platforms and prominent media outlets. Notably known as the "Honest Political Scientist,"[8] he maintained an active LiveJournal blog for approximately five years.[9]

From 2015 on, Soloviev established himself as an independent political scientist and economic expert. He engaged in investigative journalism and produced analytical content focusing on notable Russian corporations and their leadership, including figures like Oleg Deripaska, Vladimir Potanin, and Roman Abramovich.[10]

Soloviev's articles regarding the global crisis of world civilization marked a significant turning point. His insights on the redirection of humanity's development towards gradual regression by world elites resonated strongly with readers. He asserted that the collapse of the USSR constituted a strategic move by the global West to reconfigure the global order.

Independent Perspective

As an independent thinker, Soloviev does not affiliate with any political party and grounds his arguments in empirical data and factual information, leveraging his educational background in economics and political science.[11]

Ideological Contributions

His body of work encompasses articles and statements that delve into contentious terrain. For instance, his exploration of religious themes, including characterizing Islam as an 'advanced Christianity,' highlights his readiness to navigate delicate subjects. His primary concern lies in critiquing the erosion of contemporary political and philosophical thoughts, where he identifies the prevalence of the "consumer's imperative."[12]

According to Soloviev, an earlier era afforded individuals greater intellectual freedom and cognitive development opportunities. However, these now are limited to a select few due to coordinated efforts by societal elites in different geopolitical situations.

Current endeavors

Starting in the spring of 2022, Soloviev expanded his public engagement, contributing regular content to his blogs, social media platforms, and specialized channels. While his perspectives on Russia's actions during the Special Military Operation (SMO) may diverge from mainstream narratives, they consistently reflect his independent viewpoint grounded in logical reasoning and evidence.

Soloviev's writings manage to attract readers with divergent opinions due to the novelty and originality of the content. His materials encourage readers to reconsider established norms and paradigms related to public and political life.

At present, Soloviev exclusively communicates through articles published on the Zen platform. He avoids television appearances, YouTube videos, and Telegram channels.



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