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IndustryFashion & Technology
Founded2015; 7 years ago (2015)
  • Elizabeth Esponnette
  • Walden Lam
  • Kevin Martin
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California

unspun is an American fashion & technology company based in San Francisco, California that specializes in designing and selling high-end custom-fit jeans.[1][2][3]


unspun was established in 2015 by Elizabeth Esponnette, who later joined hands with Walden Lam and Kevin Martin as co-founders in 2015 and 2016, respectively.[4] The company initially concentrated on inventing a new form of additive manufacturing for garments, during this time founders - Elizabeth and Walden were finishing their degrees at Stanford University.[5][6]

unspun acquired its first funding ($20,000) from the [email protected] program.[7] A year after its inception, when Kevin Martin joined the founding team, unspun received major funding from the National Science Foundation in 2017 through the SBIR program to develop 3D weaving.[8]

The company officially launched its customer-facing brand in late 2019, which has won TIME’s Best Inventions (2019, 2021),[9][10] PopSci’s Best of What’s New (2020),[11] Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas (2021),[12][13] among other awards.[14] Through the publication of TIME's Best Inventions in 2021, unspun reported that it has invented the world's first pair of 3D woven pants. Unspun's innovative 3D weaving method, according to patent filings, enables more efficient automated garment manufacturing. The National Science Foundation has awarded the company over $2 million to create an additive approach for producing personalized textile items.[15][16]

unspun has raised over $10 million in three funding rounds with Josh Buckley,[17] Lachy Groom,[18] HAX/SOSV, Fifty Years, and City Light Capital among major investors.[19][20][21]

Products and services

unspun sells custom-fit jeans, built unique to each consumer via a 3D body scan.[22] unspun’s technology has also been adopted by other popular brands such as PANGAIA and H&M as an alternative to wasteful manufacturing.[23][24]


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