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Tyrone Evans Clark
Tyrone Evans Clark.JPG
Born (1986-01-21) January 21, 1986 (age 38)
Cook County, Illinois (Chicago)
CitizenshipUnited States
  • The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles
  • Benton Harbor High School
Years active2009 - present
OrganizationTYRONE EVANS CLARK Incorporation
  • Vincent Hall (father)
  • Gloria Stacker / Clark (mother)
  • Victor Hall (Brother)
  • Leon Hall (Brother)
  • Carl Hall (deceased - brother)
  • Rishawd Perry (Brother)
Websitetyroneevansclark.net tecmultiverse.net tyroneeclark.com

Tyrone Evans Clark also known as TEC and Tyy Renaissance (stylized as Tyy Renaiⓢⓢance or Tyy Renai$$ance)[1] (born 21 January 1986) is an American entertainer, actor, author, game developer, 3D artist, animator, executive producer, director, teacher, singer, and writer.[2] Clark is the founder of TYRONE EVANS CLARK Incorporation Inc, a personal brand under which he has completed numerous developer projects concerning 3D designing, animation, video game development, and others.[3]

Clark is a multi-award winner, best known for his work in Homeless Sam & Sally (2019), Homeless Sam & Sally - The Movie (2020),[4][5] Reverie (2018), Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw (2019), Netflix's Magic for Humans (2020), LIFETIME'S Seatbelt Psychic, E! Entertainment's Dating #NoFilter (2019), BET's Running Out of Time, AXS TV's Women of Wrestling (2019), MTV's Flex on My Ex (2019) and FOX's Phone Swap (2018), Judge Steve Harvey (2022),[1] and Catfish: The TV Show (2022).[6][7][8][9]

Clark holds over 40 technical course certifications and is the recipient of multiple awards. He has been featured in several media outlets for his work both in the entertainment industry and the gaming industry, such as Yahoo Finance, Film Daily, Influencive, Music Industry Weekly, Kivo Daily, Accesswire, Forbes India, and others.[10][11]

Early life and education

Clark was born on 21 January 1986, to Gloria Stacker/Clark and Vincent Hall in Cook County, Illinois, Chicago. He grew up in the Berrien Springs, Michigan area.[12] He took his mother’s maiden name, Clark, as she was unmarried when he was born.[12] He moved to Benton Harbor after his previous home was burned down in a house fire that claimed the life of his younger brother.[12] Clark experienced sexual abuse from family members and neighbors as a child.[13] He eventually moved out of his father’s house with his mother and siblings due to his father being physically abusive and addicted to drugs.[4]

Clark experienced a period of homelessness in high school, but he eventually graduated from Benton Harbor High School in 2005 with a major in Arts & Communications. Clark then pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Art & Design at The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles. During his time at the university, Clark was awarded the Dean's Honor Roll.[14][15]


Clark started his career in 2000 when he joined Meijer as a Utility Worker. After working for five years at this retail shop, Clark joined Party City in Santa Monica as a Cashier. During his tenure at this retail shop, Clark did several freelance projects for firms and organizations as a 3D Environment Artist, Graphic Ui Designer, and Special Effects Makeup and Creature Creator. He worked for Boys and Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound, and SavCo Productions.[16]

In 2009, Clark began his career as an actor when he joined Revenue Solutions Inc.[17] as an informal actor. Clark worked for over a year with this firm, during which he acted for the TV Movie, Investigating Free Money. In the same year, Clark joined Game Wizards, Exodus (PC), as an Environment Artist. Clark worked for over two years with this firm, during which he demonstrated creative assets in-game and UV Mapping and custom texturing.[18]

In 2010, Clark interned at 9K9 advertising and marketing firm based in California for three months. Simultaneously, Clark also freelanced as a Nuke Compositor at Rareform Pictures Inc. In the same year, Clark also worked for Pantera Entertainment, Roller Coaster Rampage (PC Game), as an Environment Artist. Clark also joined Jastec Studios in 2010 to work on Pushing up Daisies (iOS). He worked for over four years with this firm as a 2D and 3D Environment Artist.[19]

In 2012, Clark freelanced as a CGI Artist for an online TV series by Animated Athletics LLC for three months.[20] In the same year, Clark joined Macy’s as an associate, where he worked for over five years.[21]

Clark founded his brand, TYRONE EVANS CLARK Inc. in 2012, under which he started taking freelance projects for computer games. The company offers services related to Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Computer-Generated VR (CG VR), 360° video, 3D Math, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital multimedia content distribution, Hardware, Game Development, develops global cloud services, Holograms, TV, Film, Entertainment, Hardware Development, Software Development, Robotics, and others.

In 2014, Clark joined BCBGMAXAZRIA Group as a Stylist Freelancer. He worked for eight months at this apparel and fashion store in LA, California. In 2015, Clark freelanced for Volt Workforce Solutions as a QA Game Tester for Disney Interactive’s Infinity 2.0 & 3.0 (Video Games). In the same year, Clark also freelanced for Juice Connection, Destination Chic Interiors LTD., and Outsource.com as a Graphic Designer and 3D Modeler / Developer.

In 2016, Clark freelanced as a 3D Modeler and Designer Freelancer at Oxford Park Exchange, Vtchaco Orphans Empowerment, and Visionaire77. Clark also volunteered at an Indiecade event. In the same year, Clark joined Razor Edge Games as a Texture/VFX Artist.[22] He worked for five months at this firm. He also worked for eleven months at Remote.com as a 3D Generalist. In the same year, Clark started working for Sketchfab as a 3D Game Artist.[23]

In 2017, Clark freelanced as a 3D Artist for Storymind Entertainment, Artisan Creative, Midnight Oil, and S2K Graphics. Clark also participated in the VR/AR Development Tools Case Study by Smith Research Inc. In the same year, Clark also worked at The Help Group and STEM3 Academy for seven months as a Digital Animation Teacher. For a brief period in 2017, Clark was a Video Game News Anchor at GamersConduit, a VR/AR Developer at Possible Reality, a CTO & Project Manager at English Learning Game, Participant at CG Trader Awards, C4D Modeler & TV Show CGI Artist at Greenhaus GFX and Grocery Shopping Study Participant at FCB Chicago. Clark also started working as a 2D/3D Graphic Designer at Bark.com in 2017.[24]

In 2018, Clark worked as an Actor at Casting360.com for four months. For a brief period, Clark was a Game Programmer Teacher Assistant at Digital Media Academy, Computer Programming Instructor at Summer Discovery and the University of California, Campaign Model at HUNGRI Campaign, 3D VR/AR Content Developer at Auggleworks, Regional Representative Agent at Nanjing Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Horror Made Here Actor at Planet C Studios and Warner Bros. Entertainment. In the same year, Clark joined Stage as a VR Technical Artist Programmer and shortly later joined Star Education as a Tech and Games Teacher for over a year. Clark also started working as an Actor for Casting Networks Inc. and Central Casting in 2018.

In 2019, Clark worked as an actor at Monster Cravings, 3D Renderer at THE FIRM, and Computer Science Instructor at UCLA Recreation. Clark also joined Qualcomm, where he worked for eight months as a Staff SW Engineer and XR App Developer. Clark also wrote, produced, directed, and acted in the TV series Homeless Sam & Sally.[25] In 2020, Clark worked as a Technical Artist at iMatch Technical Services. He was also chosen as a Brand Ambassador for Bliss Body, Hustle Worldwide, and POWERED. Clark also started working as an Augmented Reality Developer at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics.[26]

He has appeared in several films, and rose to prominence as writer, director, and playing the lead role of Sam Silver in the critically acclaimed 2020 independent film, Homeless Sam and Sally - The Movie.[27][25] The film won numerous awards, including Best Comedy of 2020 by Toronto Film Magazine and Best Director of 2020 at the Couch Film Festival. Clark wrote, directed, produced and starred as title character Sam Silver in the 2020 film Homeless Sam and Sally. The movie is a dark comedy that centers around the trial and tribulations of Sam and his mother Sally Silver, played by Margaret Newborn. They become homeless when Sally is unable to pay rent. The film touches on many social issues, including mental illness and the difficulties facing homeless people in the United States. In the same year, Clark also starred in and directed a documentary about the COVID-19 pandemic, titled The Corona Hour!.[12]

Clark published his first book, Tyrone Evans Clark's Grapefruit: Season I - The Wrath Of Love, on Amazon Prime Books and Barnes & Noble in November 2020. The book received the General Award and an honorable mention in the Young Adult category at the 2021 Hollywood Book Festival.[28][29] Clark also published the novel Fiends: Session 1 - Invision Wellness in 2021.[30] This book received an honorable mention in the Science Fiction category at the 2021 Hollywood Book Festival.[31] Clark is also a singer and songwriter and has released several singles: "Inside of Me!" (2018), "Look Me In My Eyes" (2019), "Video Game" (2019), "Hope" (2020), and "Gotta Get Some Tissue" (2020). His music video for “Gotta Get Some Tissue” became a viral video and was an official selection in the animation category at the Prague Independent Film Festival in 2021.[32][33] He also has a famous podcast titled CALL TYRONE!!!, where he talks about his day-to-day life in Los Angeles, along with random things that unexpectedly come to his mind.


S.No. Title Credits Year Type
1 WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 Additional Crew 2009 Video Game
2 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Additional Crew 2009 Video Game[34]
3 Investigating Free Money Self 2010 TV Short Documentary
4 Game Wizards: Exodus Additional Crew 2011 Video Game[34]
5 Wallenda Visual Effects 2012 Short Film
6 Roller Coaster Rampage Additional Crew 2012 Video Game[34]
7 Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Additional Crew 2014 Video Game
8 Disney Infinity 3.0 Additional Crew 2015 Video Game
9 Pushing Daisies Additional Crew 2015 Video Game[34]
10 GamersConduit Self 2017 Web Series
11 I’m Dying Up Here Actor 2018 TV Series
12 Sugar Daddy Actor 2018 Short Film
13 Doxxed Actor 2018 Short TV Series
14 Running Out Of Time Actor 2018 Film
15 The Saver Actor 2018 Short Film
16 Insecure Actor 2018 - 2020 TV Series
17 Reverie Visual Effects, Additional Crew 2018 TV Series
18 My Ex-BFF Court Self 2018 TV Series
19 Buzz'd Out! Self 2018 TV Series
20 Face The Truth Self 2018 TV Series
21 Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Self 2018 TV Series
22 Phone Swap Self 2018 TV Series
23 Seatbelt Psychic Self 2018 TV Series
24 How Low Will You Go: Snapchat Self 2018 TV Mini-Series
25 WOW: The Women Of Wrestling Actor 2019 TV Series
26 Velvet Buzzsaw Actor 2019 Film
27 Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez Actor 2019 TV Series
28 Doxxed Actor 2019 TV Series
29 Senior Love Triangle Actor 2019 Film
30 The Echo Worlds Actor 2019 Short Film
31 Rot Actor 2019 Film
32 Homeless Sam & Sally Actor, Director, Executive Producer,

Writer, Composer, Animation Director, Art Director, Casting Director

2019 TV Series
33 Samir Actor 2019 Film
34 Just Roommates Actor 2019 TV-Mini Series
35 Festival Season Actor 2019 TV Series
36 Castle Cat Self 2019 TV Series
37 Tri-Me Self 2019 TV Series
38 Your Storytime TV Self 2019 TV Series
39 Flex on My Ex Self 2019 TV Series
40 Dating #NoFilter Self 2019 TV Series
41 Pet Confessionals Self 2019 TV Series
42 Homeless Sam & Sally - The Movie Actor, Director,  Executive Producer,

Writer, Editor

2020 Film[35]
43 The Corona Hour! Director, Executive Producer,

Writer, Composer, Editor, Cinematography, Host

2020 Documentary
44 Magic For Humans Self 2020 TV Series
45 Sock and Buskin Actor (filming) Film
46 The Right Way Actor 2020 TV Series
47 Painter Actor 2020 Film[32]
48 My Eyes on You Additional Crew 2021 Video Game[34]
49 ESPN Summer X Games Virtual Experience Additional Crew 2021 Video Game[34]
50 Keep the Bugs Out of My Soup!!! Director, Writer, Producer, Actor 2021 Film[36]
51 Catfish: The TV Show Actor/Himself 2022 TV series[8]
52 Judge Steve Harvey Actor/Himself 2022 TV Series[9][1]
53 Gotta Get Some Tissue Actor (The Tissue Man) 2021 Music Video / Short Film[37]
54 Emotions of 2020 Actor/Himself 2021 Short Film[1]


S.No. Title Credits Year Type
1 “Inside of Me!” Main artist 2019 Single
2 “Video Game” Main artist 2019 Single
3 “Look Me in My Eyes” Main artist 2019 Single
4 “Hope” Main artist 2019 Single
5 “Gotta Get Some Tissue” Main artist 2020 Single
6 “We Gotta Figure It Out,” feat. Margaret Newborn Main artist 2020 Single


  • Clark, T. E. (2021). Tyrone Evans Clark's Grapefruit: Season I: The Wrath of Love. (n.p.): BookBaby.
  • Clark, T. E. (2021). Tyrone Evans Clark’s Fiends: Session 1 – Invision Wellness. (n.p.): 360 Digital Marketing LLC | Tyrone Evans Clark Inc.

Awards and honors

Clark is a Push Excel Scholar, Horatio Alger Scholar, Rosa Parks Scholar, Burger King Scholar, and Gates Millennium Scholar. He is the recipient of the Marquis Who's Who Award and National A.C.E. 2005 Award Winner. Clark is also a member of The National Honor Society.

Homeless Sam and Sally - The Movie has received numerous honors and industry awards. Some of the awards include:

  • 2020 Couch Film Festival (Best Director)
  • 2020 Hollywood Blood Horror Festival (Best Feature Film, Best Supporting Actor)
  • 2020 Prague International Monthly Film Festival (Best Feature/Comedy - Honorable Mention)
  • 2020 Toronto Film Magazine Fest (Best Comedy)
  • 2020 Virgin Spring Cinefest (Best Amateur Film, Best Actor, Best Director)
  • 2020 Cyrus International Monthly Festival of Toronto Awards (Best Feature - Comedy)[38]
  • 2020 The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards (Nominated - Best Genre)[39]
  • 2020 Alternative Film Festival (Nominated - Best Actor, Best Writer)[12]

Gotta Get Some Tissue[37] music video / short film has received awards such as:

  • 2021 Prague Independent Film Festival (Official Selection - Animation)[38]
  • 2021 Animaze Montreal International Film Festival (Official Selection - Experimental)[40][1]

Keep the Bugs Out of My Soup!!! short animation film has received awards such as:

  • 2021 Gold Star Movie Awards (Honorable Mention - Best Animation Film)[1]
  • 2022 Montreal Independent Film Festival (Semi - Finalist: Best Animation)[1]

Personal Life

  • Clark is fluent in English, Spanish, and Japanese.
  • He also has a pet cat named King Julian Caesar Clark III who has also shared the spotlight with him on popular TV Shows / Films such as Homeless Sam & Sally - The Movie, Face The Truth, Pet Confessionals, etc.
  • In 2005 when Clark was honored as the National Horatio Alger Scholar in Washington, D.C., Maya Angelou wrote him a poem and he had dinner with Quincy Jones around the same time.
  • Tyrone was also informed by family members that he is related to The Clark Sisters (Gospel Vocal Band) and the cool guy Ernie Hudson who is known for acting in the popular film Ghostbusters.
  • Clark currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Before moving to Los Angeles, he resided in Brooklyn, New York.[41] Clark is an openly pansexual man[29][42] who supports the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQIA+ rights.

In the media



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