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Privately Held
IndustryImport & Export
Founded2020; 1 year ago (2020)
Number of locations
Area served
ServicesImport & Export

Trustana is a general trading company based in Singapore. It is engaged in a wide range of businesses throughout ASEAN, including buying, selling, importing, and exporting F&B goods. Trustana was established by Temasek, a global investment company in collaboration with BCG Digital Ventures, and is also part of the Affinidi Group incorporating its bespoke technologies.[1]

Trustana is a registered trademark of Trident Match Pte. Ltd. and operates primarily as a B2B cross-border trade platform facilitating services that help sellers to expand their business on a global level and buyers to have access to a wide range of emerging Chinese brands.[2]


Trustana was founded in 2020 with the goal of democratizing international import and export market access for businesses of all sizes. It is built on Affinidi, an open and interoperable ecosystem that allows the customers to have full ownership of their verifiable data. The idea behind creating this B2B cross-border trade platform was to connect trade partners by leveraging decentralized technology and helping them streamline their businesses.[3]

As of 2021, Trustana has operations throughout ASEAN, with its headquarters in Singapore. The company, within a year, has emerged as a leader in the F&B trade products industry, especially that of new-to-market Chinese brands helping them expand their business with retailers across Asia, along with enabling seamless transactions. It has harbored a vast inventory of over 1000 F&B products from 200+ verified international suppliers.

Products and services

Trustana has mainly three services:

Trustana Wholesale

This service aims at making the wholesale purchase easy for retailers by offering a low minimum order quantity of 20 units. It is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of pre-scanned international brands. This service also facilitates a trial order to help retailers choose the best-suited products according to their demographic needs. Some of the retailers associated with Trustana Wholesale are ZESK, EVERRISE, HWA Thai Supermart, and 24 Express.

Trustana Marketplace

Trustana Marketplace is a platform for consumers seeking international F&B products. It features a wide range of product categories ranging from snacks, canned food, fruits & vegetables, confectionery, pet food & animal feed, grains, and cereals to name a few.

Trustana Supplier

This service is specifically designed for suppliers to expand their reach and target market by featuring their products in the Trustana Marketplace. It also runs a specific Singapore-China F&B Suppliers: Global Expansion Program, designed specifically for F&B brands based in Singapore to help them export globally with distribution and financial support.

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