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Thomas Iser
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Born2 September 1987
  • Street artist
  • Painter
  • Photographer
  • Performer
  • Skater

Thomas Iser born September 2, 1987 in Metz, is a street artist, painter, photographer, Performing arts and skater.[1] Through his art, he hopes to inspire people to use their suffering for the achievement of their dreams. It is also with this philosophy in mind that he creates , in 2016, his "Universal Humanity" project. His art is strongly inspired by graffiti and his personal quest[2] as well as the Japanese art of Kintsugi, or the Symbolism (arts)|symbolism of alchemy.[3]


Childhood and adolescence

Thomas Iser was born on September 2, 1987 in Metz to a French father and Luxembourgish mother. Together with his older brother, he lived with his parents in Metz until the age of 2. After his parents' divorce, he moved with his mother and brother to Luxembourg. He received his primary and secondary education at the Institut Sainte-Marie[4] in Arlon, Belgium. He also spent a lot of time with his maternal grandparents and in particular his grandfather with whom he undertook many adventures in the forest and fishing.[5]

At the age of 12, he found his passion in graffiti and skateboarding. During his adolescence, he sees his mother fall into Depression (mood) and then incarcerated and his older brother committed to psychiatric hospital following the onset of schizophrenia induced by drug use.[1] Thomas Iser used art as an escape and skateboarding as an outlet[6] to express himself in a constructive and inspiring way.

Becoming an artist

After finishing a BTS in Management of Commercial Units at the Lycée Robert Schuman in Metz[7], he was hired in an engineering Consultant|consulting firm, PROgroup[8] in Luxembourg. However, he found it difficult to adapt to a Tradition|traditional professional life and those chose to become an artist[1]. Between his mother's visits to prison and those of his brother in Psychiatric hospital|Psychiatric care, as well as the death of his maternal grandfather, he invested heavily in his personal development in order to cope with these experiences of deprivation of freedom lived by proxy and thus become the best version of himself.[1]

Artistic Career

The artist and his inspirations

It is in 2012 that Thomas Iser focuses solely on his art and makes it his profession, with the support of his former employer and patron Romain Poulles.[7] Using Acrylic paint and Aerosol paint, the artist strongly inspired by the art of graffiti, will paint on canvas works exploding colours and symbols.[2] His art can be described as Autobiography because the artist puts a lot of his own Experience and reflections[7] into it, while keeping a Figurative art and almost childish brushstroke in order to bring a lightness and delicacy to difficult experiences.[2] In this way, the symbol of the window, which appears in almost every work of the painter, is also developed. According to the artist, the window is a symbol of resilience and hope, because it offers a bright perspective when people are going through difficult times. The window is the other side of everyday life, as it it the place where all Dream and aspirations are forged.[1]

Thomas Iser is also inspired by Japanese language Kintsugi art. Feeling himself broken by the events he faced, he painted his body black with golden shards in order to repair himself using the Kintsugi method. He hopes to share his story and inspire people to use their brokenness to fulfil their dreams.[1]

"Angel Jumps" Project

In April 2015, Thomas Iser, then still known as "Sunnyboy 1987" on the social network Instagram, launched his project "Angel Jumps".[9] He thus photographs himself, alone or with other people, jumping in the Atmosphere of Earth|air. He will then draw on the photo, angel wings and halos.[7]

"Universal Humanity" Project

In May 2016, Thomas Iser launched his "Universal Humanity"[10] project, the goal of which is to paint a Portrait painting of humanity and celebrate the diversity of the world. He asks participants to hold a card in front of their right eye representing his own eye, when he was painted black with golden shards, while asking them what their dream is.[6] In this way, he hopes to share his vision of a world without borders where humanity is united and to inspire people to use their suffering to find the strength to realise their dreams. During his many travels, he collects Portrait photography portraits in order to reach out to humanity and inspire as many people as possible with his vision of the world. His collection features many Celebrity including: Nicole Scherzinger; Gigi Hadid; Pharrell Williams; Anitta (singer); Andy Murray; Willem Dafoe; Jean-Claude Juncker.[5]


  • 2021 Circular'ISER, il y a plein à voir!, Raiffeisen, Luxembourg[11]
  • 2019 Art 2 Cure, Banque Internationale Luxembourg,Luxembourg[12]
  • 2019 The heART SHOW, Arte Fundamental gallery, Miami[13]
  • 2019 Mind the Brain, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg[14]
  • 2018 The Art Plug Power House, Marcel Katz, Miami[15]
  • 2018 Windows, GX- Gallery, London[16]
  • 2017 75 works on paper, Beers Gallery, London[17]
  • 2016 Art 2 Cure, Banque Internationale Luxembourg, Luxembourg[12]

Collaborations and Artistic Performances

  • 2021 Coup de coeur 2021, Nuit des musées, Luxembourg City Museum, Luxembourg[18]
  • 2021 Podcast Kulturpur, Luxembourg[1]
  • 2020 Collaboration avec Cathy Goedert, Luxembourg[19]
  • 2019 Stay Gold Event, Live art performance, Athens[20]
  • 2019 Thomas Iser X Jitrois, Live art performance, Paris[21]
  • 2017 "Universal Humanity" application mobile, Womanity, Paris[22]


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