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Arts such as music, dance, and theatre that are performed in front of an audience are referred to as performing arts. It differs from visual arts, which are created via the application of paint, canvas, or other materials to the creation of tangible or static art objects. The performing arts encompass a variety of disciplines that are performed in front of a live audience, such as theatre, music, and dance, to name a few examples.

All human civilizations have performances such as theatre, music, dance, object manipulation, and various types of object manipulation, among other things. Unlike music and dance, which have been around since prehistoric times, circus talents have been around since at least Ancient Egypt. There are several types of performing arts that are done professionally. In addition to performance venues such as theatres and opera houses, open-air stages during festivals, stages in tents such as circuses, and on the street are also options for presenting live entertainment.

Live performances in front of an audience are considered to be a kind of entertainment. The advent of audio and video recording has made it possible for the general public to enjoy the performing arts in their own homes.

The goal of the performing arts is often to allow people to express their emotions and sentiments.