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The Dad Corp
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Known forThe Dadlife Collection The Dad Corp Podcast
Type of businessPrivate
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Lifestyle Brand
No. of locations1
  • Jonathan Shiery
  • Dustin Boring
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  • Jonathan Shiery
  • Dustin Boring
  • Dadlife Clothing
  • The Dad Corp Podcast
  • Dad Blogs
  • Dad Jokes
  • Dad Videos
  • Dad Education

The Dad Corp is an American lifestyle brand that designs and markets clothing, casual apparel, accessories and personal care products and markets them as Dad by Dads. The company focuses on dad and children relationship and makes everything to make “dadding” better than ever. The Dad Crop was founded by social media influencers, Dustin Boring and Jonathan Shiery in 2018.


The Dad Corp was founded by two childhood friends, and social media influencer Dustin and Jonathan in 2018. They grew up in Western Pennsylvania, went to high school and college together, lived the carefree 20s together, and are now on the dad adventure at the same time. In 2018, they decided to start a Facebook group called The Dad Corp. The group quickly reached 100 followers and one of their posts went viral, reaching over 10 million views. Dustin and Jonathan realized that The Dad Corp could feel a big void that other platforms have not focused on, helping dads live an epic dadlife.[1]

The Dad Corp was founded with the vision to elevate the comfort, embrace and respect the silent sacrifice of a person that plays a various roles in a child's life including coach, best friend, and mentor. The company is working closely on branding, advertising, and educating dad to comfort children.

They have over 80,000 followers on Facebook and their content is viewed over a million times per week. They’ve launched The Dad Corp pages and content on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok. In 2018, they launched The Dad Corp website, e-commerce “dad mall”, and blog that focuses on providing fashion, dadgear, toys, electronics, reviews, education and everything else to make “dadding” better than ever.[2]

Their most popular T-shirt collection “The Dad Life” has been a mega hit and literally sold out off the virtual shelf. Dustin and Jonathan had to ramp up additional suppliers and inventory to keep orders going. In March of 2020, the first episode of The Dad Corp podcast was launched with the intent to create legends and hear from epic dads living the dadlife and kicking a$$ in business, life, and families.[3]

The Dad Corp Podcast has been downloaded in four continents and 22 countries globally in their first 10 episodes.[4] They’ve had an impressive list of guests including a General and Fighter Jet Pilot, Navy Seal, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Tech Executives, Authors, and TEDX Public Speakers.

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