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Susmita Gupta
Susmita Gupta.jpg
Born (1992-09-21) September 21, 1992 (age 31)
Alipurduar, West Bengal, India
Alma mater
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • North Bengal University
  • Ed Innova (Founder)
  • Anaghtara (Founder)
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
  • Kameswar Gupta (father)
  • Ambika Sharma (mother)
  • Honorary Doctorate by MBR
  • World record for having written and published the most books on online platforms by the International Book of Records

Susmita Gupta (born September 21, 1992) is an Indian entrepreneur, HR professional, writer, author,[1] and philanthropist.[2] She is best known as the founder of Ed Innova,[3] an advertising agency that provides branding and communication services. With a passion for creative brand communication, Susmita Gupta has played a significant role in making impactful content writing and PR services accessible across various niches and media fields.[4][5]

Susmita Gupta is a best-selling and world-record-holding writer, known for with engaging literary works. Some of her notable works include “To Love that knows no bounds,” “Life is tough be tougher,”[6] “Newfound Amazing Adventure,” “Was it Love or Lust?,” and “Unforgettable HE.” Susmita Gupta is also the founder of Anaghtara, a fashion accessories brand that deals in American diamonds. She has also established a platform for rising talents, ‘Ed Innova Award of Distinction’ that honors notable Indian personalities, brands, and businesses.[7]

Through her association with various NGOs, Susmita Gupta contributes in making a positive impact on underprivileged children.[8]

Early life and education

Susmita Gupta was born and raised in Alipurduar, West Bengal, by her parents, Kameswar Gupta and Ambika Sharma. She attended Stepping Stone Model School and later graduated in accountancy from Alipurduar College, North Bengal University. Gupta obtained a master's degree in business administration, majoring in finance and HR, from Sikkim Manipal University, graduating in 2016.


HR Professional

In 2016, after completing MBA, Susmita Gupta commenced her career as an HR Professional. However, driven by her passion for writing and becoming an author, she had quit her corporate career in 2021.


Susmita Gupta embarked on her writing career in 2020, releasing her debut book, 'To Love that knows no bounds,' a romantic fiction novel. The book received a positive reception, achieving favorable rankings on Amazon and generating sales in bookstores. Encouraged by this initial success, she authored and published three more books within two years, gaining recognition from various organizations. Notably, her latest novel, "Life is tough, be tougher," was ranked at number two on Amazon's best-selling list in the Autobiography category.[9]

Her noteworthy literary works include “To Love that knows no bounds,” “Life is tough be tougher,” “Newfound Amazing Adventure,” “Was it Love or Lust?,” and “Unforgettable HE.” Each book showcases her distinctive writing style, skillfully conveying messages of love, life, detachment, and destiny in a subtle and clear manner, resonating deeply with readers.[10]

In addition to her individual works, Susmita Gupta has compiled and edited the anthology "Newfound Amazing Adventure," which features 26 short stories authored by student writers from DWPS Noida Extension.[11][12][13]

Currently, Susmita is preparing to unveil her fifth book, a romantic tale enriched with elements of drama, love, romance, distance, and grief, scheduled for release in 2024.[14]


In June 2021, Susmita Gupta established Ed Innova, an advertising agency offering comprehensive branding solutions to businesses, brands, and individual public figures. The agency excels at providing 360 degree branding solutions across various niches and media fields.[15][16]

Moreover, through Ed Innova, Gupta actively recognizes notable Indian personalities, brands, and businesses, aiming to inspire others through recognition awards. In December 2022, Ed Innova honored distinguished brands, personalities, and businesses in India with Awards of Distinction, continuing to foster motivation within exceptional entities.[17]

Beyond her involvement in advertising, Susmita Gupta owns Anaghtara, a fashion accessories brand specializing in American Diamonds. Furthermore, Gupta is a keynote speaker, frequently delivering speeches at educational institutions across India. Through these engagements, she shares her knowledge and experiences, inspiring aspiring individuals with her insights.[18][19]


  • Gupta, Susmita (2020). To love that knows no Bound.
  • Gupta, Susmita (2022). Life is tough, be tougher.
  • Gupta, Susmita (8 January 2021). Was it Love or Lust?: Mystery to unfold.
  • Gupta, Susmita (2021). Unforgettable HE.
  • Newfound Amazing Adventure (2023)


Throughout her life, Susmita Gupta was actively engaged in philanthropic endeavors, displaying a deep commitment to uplifting underprivileged children.[20] Her association with various NGOs has allowed her to make a significant positive impact through various initiatives aimed at eradicating hunger and illiteracy.[21]

Awards and recognitions

  • Awarded with an honorary doctorate by MBR for her contributions to the fields of writing and entrepreneurship.[22][23]
  • She also holds the world record for having written and published the most books on online platforms, recognized by the International Book of Records.[24]

Personal life

Susmita Gupta currently resides in Noida with her mother and elder sister. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring new places. In her pastime she also shares insight about her daily life through Vlogging on her Facebook account.

In the media


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