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Sure Dividend
IndustryStock Market
Founded2014; 10 years ago (2014)
FounderBen Reynolds
Area served
Key people
Bob Ciura

Sure Dividend is an investment research firm, founded in 2014 by Ben Reynolds.[1] Sure Dividend is known for offering equity research and helping investors to find dividend stocks at fair prices.[2][3] The company is highly recognized for its individual dividend growth focused securities.[4][5][6]

Sure Dividend offers professional research and advisory newsletter services to help investors make informed decisions related to the stock market. Sure Dividend serves over 150,000 readers with The Morning Dividend and has more than 8,000 premium members.[7]

Sure Dividend has been featured in several media outlets for its services, such as Forbes, EinPresswire, Yahoo Finance, Mashed, Nasdaq, and others.[8][9]


Ben Reynolds founded Sure Dividend in 2014 with the aim to help investors build high-quality dividend growth stock portfolios. The company provides actionable equity research in its three-monthly newsletter publications and an institutional-level library of research reports on individual stocks.

Sure Dividend’s research database - Sure Analysis consists of the detailed analysis of over 600 income securities, which are updated and arranged regularly. The reports in Sure Analysis provide 5 year forward estimated total returns and other metrics.


The Sure Dividend Newsletter

It is the premier newsletter of Sure Dividend and uses the expected total return approach that factors in current yield, growth, and valuation, as well as dividend safety. This newsletter aims to promote the buying of undervalued dividend growth securities.

The Sure Retirement Newsletter

This newsletter focuses on current income and promotes the buying of securities with yields higher than four percent. The Sure Retirement Newsletter may recommend REITs and MLPs in addition to common stocks.

The Sure Passive Income Newsletter

This newsletter was launched in 2020 with the aim to target long-term buying and advocates investing for truly passive rising income. The Sure Passive Income Newsletter focuses on the safety and growth factors of dividend investing.

The Sure Analysis Research Database

The Sure Analysis Research Database is Sure Dividend’s highest tier of service. It includes The Sure Dividend Newsletter, The Sure Retirement Newsletter, The Sure Passive Income Newsletter, and access to more than 600 income security reports which are updated quarterly.

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