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Steven Garza
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Born (1978-09-07) September 7, 1978 (age 45)
EducationBerklee College of Music
OccupationMusic Executive
Years active2002-present
  • PrototypeRadio
  • PrototypeCulture
  • PrototypeVentures
Known forHigh Caliber, PrototypRadio, iHeartRadio
  • Vivienne Hailey Garza (Daughter)
  • Ariel Garza (Son)

Steven Garza (born September 07, 1978) is an American music executive,[1] brand manager, radio programmer, DJ, and on-air presenter.[2] Steven got his start in music producing electronic music events during the inception of the American rave scene.[3]

Steven is also known for founding[4] and hosting the nationally syndicated electronic music radio program PrototypeRadio,[5] on terrestrial radio and iHeartRadio.[6] The radio program served as one of the first American radio platforms for a large roster of A-list electronic musicians.[7]

Garza attended Berklee College of Music to pursue a B.A. degree in Music Business and has achieved an extensive career in music working in the radio broadcast industry, the concert and events industry, and the record industry. Throughout his career, Steven has worked with companies such as iHeartRadio, Townsquare Media, Clear Channel Media & Entertainment, Entercom Communications Corp, and Universal Music Group.

Early life

Steven’s interest in music began at a young age when he discovered electronic music via the underground mixtape series, Pure Acid Mixtapes.[8] He began as a DJ, then produced underground rave events in the early stages of underground dance music, a time in which raves where considered illegal. He produced events under several company aliases such as FA Productions, High Caliber, and years after eventually settling on PrototypeCulture.



Steven began organizing house parties during his high school years, followed by underground desert and warehouse raves in the 90s. As the events grew in size and acceptance by mainstream media they moved into nightclubs and municipal special events centers.

Steve's companies have produced events throughout the United States, including Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada and Mexico. He is one of the first American rave promoters to produce events in Mexico in cities such as Juarez, and Chihuahua city.

Radio career

Steve's interest in radio started in the late 90s when he formed part of a short-lived FM pirate radio station as a DJ. He departed and decided to pursue creating an online electronic music radio station instead called Sounderground in the Web 2.0’s infancy.


Steven began his professional radio career with Townsquare Media producing rock concert marketing materials and programs for “El Paso’s rock concert leader” KLAQ-FM.[9] In this role, Steven served as the clusters first Interactive Program Director and led the adaptation digital media into traditional radio by programing live radio streams of the terrestrial counterparts, launching online identities, and bringing the KLAQ-FM, KSII-FM, and KROD-AM brands to Web 2.0.


Steven ascended his career in radio from radio market #76 in El Paso, Texas to a major radio market #9 in Atlanta, Georgia[10] in two years of his professional radio career with iHeartMedia Atlanta, as the clusters first Digital Program Director.

He was recruited with the intent to replicate previous success and develop major market adaptation into digital with radio brands WWPW-FM, WBZY-FM, WWVA-FM, WWLG-FM, WUBL-FM, and WGST-AM. Steve continued his work in the concert space for with a large roster of radio station concerts with iHeartMedia[11] with events such as Jingle Ball Tour, and the iHeartRadio Music Festival.


During his time at iHeartMedia, Steve created and hosted an electronic music radio program called PrototypeRadio that featured interviews and mixes from some of the most respected DJs and producers in the world.[12]

The first hour featured an exclusive interview and mix from guest DJs hosted by Garza, and three hours of electronic music followed programmed like a traditional radio station, making it the first virtual radio station and electronic music radio program on a major radio network.

PrototypeRadio launched on terrestrial radio stations Wild 105.7 FM and 96.7 FM.[13] The program was one of the first programs of its kind on American terrestrial radio, as DJ mix shows traditionally consist of local DJs who mix dance remixes of a radio station's playlist.

PrototypRadio reached nationally syndication on iHeartRadio after its 6th episode and was featured 5 times a week in various dayparts on iHeartRadio's first EDM channel Electric Sound Stage.[14]


In 2020, Steve continued his success in radio as Entercom Communications Corp first Digital Brand Manager for Nielsons Ratings top performing urban contemporary station in the United States V-103 WVEE-FM.[15] V-103[16] is regarded as the top Hip Hop radio station in the United States as it has launched the careers of some of the most respected musicians in urban music and also features radio luminaries such as Big Tigger[17] of BET's Rap City fame, Frank Ski, and Greg Street. Steve also served as the Digital Brand Manager for sister station WSTR-FM.


In 2020, Steven departed radio to continue to pursue his interest in the developing Web 3.0 and blockchain industry. He also returned to producing electronic music events as PrototypeCulture[18] in various cities such as Atlanta, Georgia, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2021 he launched a bi-weekly Techno series, Panic Room[19] with long-time friend and renowned DJ and producer, DJ Pierre.[20]

Steven is currently the Director of Operations for PrototypeVentures[21] which oversees the PrototypeRadio and PrototypeCulture subsidiaries and works as a consultant in the music industry as an electronic music, and Web 3.0 expert.


Year Radio Stations Role
1997-1998 Unknown Pirate Radio Station DJ & Co Host
1998-2000 Sounderground Online Radio Program Director, DJ
2007–2009 KLAQ-FM, KSII-FM, KROD-AM Interactive Program Director - Townsquare Media
2010–2013 WKLS-FM, WUBL-FM, WBZY-FM, WWVA-FM, WWLG-FM, WGST-AM Director of Digital Operations - Clear Channel Radio
2013–2019 WWPW-FM, WUBL-FM, WBZY-FM, WRDA-FM, WRDG-FM, WGST-AM, iHeartRadio Digital Program Director - iHeartMedia, Inc.
2019–2020 WVVE-FM, WSTR-FM, Digital Program Director - Entercom Communications Corp.
2010-Present PrototypeRadio Founder, Program Director, Host


Year Title Role Notes
2002 American Massive Himself Documentary
2012 CounterPoint Festival Himself Documentary
2012 Identity Festival Himself Film
2013 Tomorrow World Presenter Festival Broadcast
2014 Tomorrow World Presenter Festival Broadcast

Personal life

Steven has two children Vivienne Hailey Garza, and Ariel Garza.


List of awards received by Steven Garza:[22]

  • 6 American Advertising Federation Addy awards.
  • 5 Academy of interactive & Visual Arts Communicator Awards
  • 4 Telly Awards
  • 1 International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences Webby Award
  • 3 Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts W3 Awards
  • 2 YouTube Creator Awards
  • PromoOnly - Best Syndicated Mix Show nomination - PrototypeRadio


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