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A music executive, also known as a record executive, is a person who works in senior management for a record company and is responsible for making executive decisions on the firm's performers. Their responsibilities vary widely, but in general, they are responsible for one or more areas of a record label, such as A&R, contracts, management, publishing, production, manufacturing, marketing/promotion, distribution, copyright, and touring, among other things. Music executives work in top management positions, but others have gone on to form their own record labels as business owners after being active in the music industry for a number of years as musicians, A&Rs, or producers and establishing a solid name in the process.

Those in the field of music management work in a number of contexts for major record companies such as the Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. But many musicians choose to collaborate with or build their own independent record labels, such as Sub Pop Records, Block Starz Records, Ironworks Records (formerly Jagjaguwar), Perry Music Group, and 419 Records, among others.