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IndustryCommunity Boiler & Combined Heat and Power Solutions
Founded2014; 9 years ago (2014)
HeadquartersGIDC Sachin, Surat, Gujarat, India
Key people
Vishal S. Budhia (Managing Director)

SteamHouse the first of its kind in India, is a Company dedicated towards promoting sustainable development and maintaining an eco-friendly environment by installing a Community Boiler facility to meet the steam requirement of the industries including but not limited to textile, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, paper, food, and other manufacturing or processing units.[1] The Company generates and supplies steam and instrumental air to the Industries through secured network of pipelines.[2][3]


Steamhouse was instituted in the year 2014 as a venture of Sanjoo Group of Industries situated in Sachin GIDC, Surat, Gujarat. The Company was founded under the directorship of Mr. Vishal S. Budhia,[4] who with a vision to protect the environment from the harmful emission of gases from the industries, established the first and only organization which generates steam through community boilers and supplies steam through network of secured pipelines.[5] The company endeavours to serve as a one-stop solution for steam required by the industries and manufacturing units for their operation in the safest and cost-effective manner.[6]

In 2015, Steamhouse commissioned its pilot project in Sachin GIDC(Gujarat) with installing community boiler capacitated at 5 Ton Per Hour (TPH) and 15TPH supplying to 15 customers to start with and striving to outreach to every industry within GIDC. Acknowledging the benefits of Community Boiler, the Government of Gujarat also incorporated the importance of Common Boiler in “ Gujarat Industrial Policy 2015”.[7]

In 2017, with more industries acknowledging the concept of Community Boiler, Steamhouse successfully commissioned its next project at VAPI GIDC having capacity of 60TPH.

In 2018, Steamhouse commissioned its another project at Ankleshwar GIDC which is capacitated with 60TPH facility outreaching major pharmaceuticals companies and chemical companies and easing their business doing by providing steam at door-step.[8]

In 2021, with the increasing awareness in the industries about Steamhouse and increasing demand of steam, Steamhouse successfully commenced its additional project of community boiler in Sachin GIDC having capacity of generating 30TPH of steam in an hour sustaining the need of more than 40 customers at a time. Despite the market being grievously impacted with effect caused by COVID-19, the company was able to sustain its position in the market and attain a growth of 20% in its operations.

With an aim to attain sustainability and reduce the usage of fossil fuels, the company has taken its first step towards waste to energy solution by entering into an agreement with a fuel and the steam generated will be supplied to the industries using network pipelines.[9]

In December 2021, Steamhouse was acknowledged in the “Surat Clean Air Action Plan” which is a joint initiative of Surat Municipal Corporation, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, with WRI India and The Energy Resources Institute, New Delhi, whereby, they have appreciated the initiative of Steamhouse in sector of Co-generation in SMC. Steamhouse was recognized in the “Surat Clean Air Action Plan” for its capability of reducing air emission from industries and conserve resources efficiency.[10]

In 2022, Steamhouse provided expert input to the Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation in preparing for the feasibility assessment on “replacement of small boilers with common steam boilers in Industrial Area.[11] Where the Haryana Government with an intention to replace the individual industrial boiler with Community Boiler made a detailed study on community Boilers, which shall on Public-Private-Placement Model install Community Boilers in the industrial sector.[12]

In August 2022, the company expanded its production at Ankleshwar with Phase II of additional 60 TPH capacity boiler for outreaching the demand of various industries in the market.

The three existing community boilers are known to have already replaced around 90 captive boilers in Surat, Vapi, and Ankleshwar. The Company aims to become a significant supplier of industrial consumable steam and instrumental air to Indian industries and achieve sustainable development. and participate in India's growth story by establishing a presence in nearly all industrial areas.[13]

Business model

Multiple industries, including textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plywood, and paperrequire boiler to suffice their steam requirements for operations. However, Individual or captive boilers are of a small to medium scale, making them inefficient, and are run by unskilled individuals leading to high cost addition and generation of poor quality steam. These industrial chimneys generateharmful emission of smoke, including high SPM generation, due to poor air pollution control systems, posing significant health and environmental risks.

Steamhouse provides high-quality steam via community boiler connected by an overhead pipe network across 25+ kilometers to battle air pollution and supply steam to such industries. AI and IoT technologies analyze usage trends and deliver steam to each industry without any wastage of steam or inconsistencies and at the same time protecting the environment from harmful smoke emissions. Steamhouse replaces fuel combustion for many small boilers with efficient fuel utilization from one common boiler to reduce mass emissions by 50% to 70% with a comprehensive pollution control system. Switching to a community boiler-based steam generation lowers production costs by 25–30%.[14]

Plant locations

The company majorly operates coal-fired projects and plans to expand into four green projects. The company currently has boilers in Gujarat but plans to expand its operations in Maharashtra, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh.

Existing projects

  • Ankleshwar I & II (60+60TPH)
  • Sachin (30+8TPH)
  • Vapi (60TPH)

Commissioning and expansion in 2023

  • Dahej
  • Vapi
  • Sarigam
  • Nadesari
  • Ankleshwar III

Proposed projects

  • Sachin I
  • Panoli I
  • Panoli II
  • Sachin II
  • Vapi

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