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Seven Principles Group
IndustryVeterans Affairs U.S. Military
FoundedMarch 2014; 10 years ago (2014-03)
HeadquartersNorfolk, VA
Number of locations
Key people
Chas Sampson (Founder/CEO), Iraq War Veteran, Former VA Rater

Seven Principles Group is a Veterans consultative services agency headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia[1]. The consulting firm is composed of Veterans, former VA Raters, medical doctors, and attorneys[2].

Seven Principles Group facilitates the effective transition of Veterans from military service through the United States Department of Veteran Affairs disability compensation and pension claims process[3].


Founded in 2014, Seven Principles Group helps Veterans around the globe win their claims and earn thousands of dollars per month for the rest of their lives by increasing their VA disability benefits[4]. Chas Sampson[5], former U.S. Army Iraqi War Veteran and Decision Officer/VA Rater at the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, founded Seven Principles to help his fellow Veterans empower themselves and improve their lives. Having witnessed delays in the system that impacted his own income and ability to provide for his family, Chas started his venture to help veterans get their claims approved and improve the benefits to which they are entitled[6].

The company’s mission is to identify, analyze, and execute solutions that put more money in veterans’ pockets each month for the rest of their lives[7].

Seven Principles Group also aims to reduce the risk of filing VA claims incorrectly. Many Veterans are either unaware of the benefits they are eligible for, unwilling to engage with the process due to its complexity, or frustrated with a tedious, unsuccessful VA process. The company provides the expertise, knowledge, and resources to bridge these gaps. After seven years of helping veterans with original VA claims, claims for increases, secondary claims, and appeals, Seven Principles’ success rate is 98.2 percent.

Seven Principles is a fully digital organization that allows a flexible working environment for employees and ease of business for its clients[8].


Sampson started his business at his kitchen table and scaled it without investor funding, leveraging his 401K while working for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Seven Principles became a C-Corporation in 2017 with shares and preferred shares. The company surpassed $1M in revenue by 2018.


Seven Principles facilitates the easy transition of military personnel to civilian life with a team of board-certified medical doctors and psychologists who provide Nexus letters and Disability Benefit Questionnaires (DBQs) for specific claims based on evidence. The company ensures all Veterans’ disabilities are compensated by analyzing their records and creating a roadmap to acceptance. After the disability benefits claim is filed, the Veterans are trained to communicate their military services and issues for their Compensation & Pension exams. The company also offers free VA Audit Consultations, which explore clients’ current benefits in order to find ways to increase them.

Seven Principles has a standard retainer fee that is only assessed after the clients’ claim has been analyzed and the potential return on investment is identified. The return on investment is considered as an increase of at least ten percentage points in the clients’ monthly VA disability; i.e., an increase from 70% to 80%. In conjunction with the retainer fee, a performance fee is also assessed once the VA decides the case in favor of the Veteran.

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