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When it comes to professional services, consulting firms, or simply consultancy, are firms that give expert advice in exchange for a compensation. Companies that provide consulting services might have as few as one person or as many as thousands. They can provide services in a variety of fields, such as management or engineering.

Particularly prevalent among management consultants is the practise of working with firm leaders and providing them with generalists and industry-specific specialists, referred to as subject-matter experts, who are frequently schooled in management or at business schools. In most cases, management consultants' deliverables are advice for accomplishing an organization's goal, which ultimately leads to the implementation of an organization's initiative.

Implementation assistance is provided by many consulting companies, which may be provided either by the consultants themselves or by technicians and other professionals. Outsourcing is the term used to describe this.

Accounting for several hundred billion dollars in yearly sales, consulting services are a component of the tertiary industry. A total of 170 billion dollars in revenue growth was achieved by the top ten consulting companies between 2010 and 2015, with an average yearly growth rate of around 4 percent.