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Jonathan Christopher Nicholson

1975 (age 48–49)
Gateshead, England
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
Alma materNorthampton University
OrganizationScambler Music
Musical career
Background information
GenresPop, EDM, House, Big Beat, Rap, Rapcore, Rocktronica, Dubstep, Metalstep, Hard Rock, Thrash Metal, Alt Rock, Alt Folk Rock, Piano, Modern Classical Music, Chillout & Jazz

Jonathan Christopher Nicholson (born 1975), also known as Scambler, is a well-known music composer, producer, drummer, and DJ from the United Kingdom.[1] He is the founder of Scambler Music, an international music licensing business that offers royalty-free music.[2]

Scambler has independently written and released eight albums that encompass various genres. The tracks from Scambler's diverse albums have been licenced from libraries in major cities such as Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, and London for use in films, TV programs, commercials, and advertising around the world. Additionally, music from Scambler’s chart albums, along with unreleased songs and instrumentals, can be licensed and downloaded exclusively from his website.[3]

The chart albums that Scambler has released include "Nonpareil" (2021), "A World Unknown" and "Radio Misophonia" (2018), "Bring It Like Fire," "Old Skool, Nu Klass," and "For Father, For Son" (2014), and "Too 'King Funky" and "For Every Action" (2010). All eight chart albums are available for listening, can be purchased on Apple Music and Amazon Music, and can be streamed on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Early life and education

Scambler was born in Gateshead, England, in 1975 and began composing music digitally on computers at a young age. He started programming using the Basic computer language on a 32K BBC B and then switched to using OCTAMED sequencing software on a Commodore Amiga in his teenage years.

Scambler's interest in music continued to grow, and while studying European-based Product Design at Northampton University, he started DJing. He then switched to using eJay software on a Windows-based computer and eventually advanced to a combination of MIDI keyboards, drum machines, Acid Pro software, and VST plugins.


In 1999, Scambler self published his first unofficial EP, "Event," which consisted of a mix of chillout tracks and upbeat progressive trance. This release was followed by a steady flow of officially released albums. These include two albums: "For Every Action," an instrumental alt folk rock album, and "Too 'king Funky," a breakbeat old school rap and rocktronica album, released on October 10, 2010. On September 8, 2014, he released "For Father, For Son," a piano and modern classical music album.

Other albums released by Scambler include "Old Skool, Nu Klass," a retro sounding break beats, electronica, and house album; "Bring It Like Fire," a rapcore, dubstep, and hard rock album; "Radio Misophonia," a metalstep, rapcore, and thrash metal album; "A World Unknown," an electro pop and EDM album; and "Nonpareil," an instrumental alt folk rock album.

Scambler's music has garnered interest from various industries, including film, TV, and advertising. His compositions have been picked up by renowned companies such as Nintendo, National Geographic, P&G, Simon & Schuster, Better Homes & Gardens, Crucial Pictures, Walter Films, and Beleza Film. Notable examples of his work include a folk rock track in the short film "Where eagles fly," a dance track featured on the Emmy-nominated Series 10 of "So you think you can dance" on Fox, two piano tracks in the Campbell Canada "Nourish" promo, a rocktronica song used by "Red Bull Cliff Diving" on Red Bull TV, an alt folk track on "Mars Ultimate Challenge" on PBS, and a breakbeat hip-hop track featured in the "Żyjesz jak chcesz" Santander TV advert.

In 2001, Scambler moved to the Scottish Borders, Scotland, where he established Scambler Music as a way to promote his growing music catalog. In 2022, he independently launched a new royalty-free music licensing service that offers global non-commercial and commercial music licensing of his tracks and instrumentals.[4]


  • Nonpareil (2021)
  • A World Unknown (2018)[5]
  • Radio Misophonia (2018)
  • Bring It Like Fire (2014)
  • Old Skool, Nu Klass (2014)
  • For Father, For Son (2014)
  • Too ‘king Funky (2010)
  • For Every Action (2010)
  • Event (1999)

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