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Sayed Sayedy
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Born (1992-09-18) September 18, 1992 (age 29)
Parwan, Afghanistan
Alma materUniversity of Salzburg
  • Life coach
  • Mediator
  • Peace activist

Sayed Sayedy (born September 18, 1992) is a certified Afghan life coach, mediator, and peace activist. He is best known for hosting intercultural coaching workshops where he offers helpers, supervisors, and teachers specialized training related to refugee work.[1][2][3][4]

Sayedy’s a renowned mediative violence prevention education and is recognized for solving individual conflict resolution with his personalized methodical approach, fostering a peaceful cultural society in Germany. Sayedy speaks frequently at conferences and industry events on the topics of gender equality, diversity, conflict management, physical, sexual and psychological violence amongst other important topics.[5][6]

Sayedy has been featured in several media outlets such as LA Progressive, Influencive, IB Times, The American Reporter, Thrive Global, KTVN, Daily Advent, WBOC, Space Coast Daily, and others.[7][8]

Early life and education

Sayedy was born in 1992 and grew up in Parwan, Afghanistan, under the rule of the Taliban. After graduating from high school, Sayedy enrolled in Parwan University in 2011, where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Social Work. During this time, Sayedy worked as a trainer and cultural facilitator at Bagram Air Base and also traveled to several counties promoting gender equality.

Soon after that, Sayedy went to Kiron Open Higher Education, where he did a three-year course in Social work and then enrolled in SMBS - University of Salzburg, where he pursued a master’s degree in Training and Development.

Career and Social Commitment

Sayedy started his career in 2012, while he was still in college, as a teacher and trainer at DVV international. He worked for four years at this organization during which he was actively involved in the development and youth empowerment. During these four years, he and his mother advocated also for human rights, particularly for women's rights. He was also a cultural facilitator who sought to reduce misunderstandings and challenges in the area.[9][10]

In 2014, he joined the international NATO security force ISAF as a translator and intercultural mediator, where he also received IT training. Due to this activity and his commitment to gender equality such as campaigns for women's rights, he had to leave Afghanistan and came to Germany, where he has been living since the beginning of 2015.[11][12]

Sayedy joined “Inner Mission Munich Diakonie in Munich and Upper Bavaria e. V.” as a social worker and worked there for over two years. Sayedy began working as a freelance intercultural trainer and communications coach in 2018.[13]

As of 2021, in addition to his freelance work hosting intercultural coaching workshops and his work for the project "HEROES - Against Suppression in the Name of Honour“ in Munich, he is also a volunteer migration and integration consultant. Apart from that, Sayedy is well-known for assisting migrants with issues such as asylum and job placement. “KINO ASYL,” “UNSER.FILM,” and “Cinema, Cinema!” are some of the other projects on which he is currently working.[14][15]

In Afghanistan and Cambodia, Sayedy also supports educational and civilian peace projects. He holds intercultural coaching seminars on a regular basis, where he provides unique training related to refugee work to assistants, supervisors, instructors, and pedagogues.[16][17]

Licenses and certifications

  • Certified Cultural-Interpreter, Domberg-Akademie
  • Certified Course-Instructor for Cultural-Interpreter-Qualification, Domberg-Akademie
  • MicroMasters Program in Social Work: Practise, Policy & Research, University of Michigan, School of Social Work
  • Trained MiMi Mediator for intercultural violence prevention, Ethno-Medical Center e.V.
  • DVWO-certified Intercultural Trainer, BAMIK, Intercultural Trainer Education
  • Qualified Migration and Integration Consultant, Academy for Mediation, Social Affairs and Law, Steinbeis University Berlin
  • Apprenticeship in IT and Computer Science, KOICA in Bagram Afghanistan

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