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SEO Shark
Privately held company
IndustryDigital marketing
Founded2004; 19 years ago (2004)
HeadquartersSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Number of locations
Area served
Australia, NewZealand
  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Management

SEO Shark is an Australian full service digital marketing company, known for online search engine optimization.[1][2] It was founded in 2004 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.[3][4]

SEO Shark is known for its expertise on Trustpilot, Word of Mouth, Google and Shopper Approved.[5] The company’s clients have over 3900 first page results on the Google search and it claims to save over 50% on paid advertising.[6]


SEO Shark has grown organically and additional offices were opened in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.[7]

In 2019, the company was also named one of the three best SEO agencies in Australia by Best in Au.

Products and services

SEO Shark offers Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Google Adwords, Digital Strategy, Reputation Management, Celebrity Engagement, Logo and Website design and development services. The company puts the high cost ‘pay per click’ down to the nature of the industry with click fraud software created by the company after major fraud attacks on it’s client. It also uses the ‘White Hat’ method for SEO. The company also provides services in Internet Marketing and Content Writing.[8] SEO Shark has multiple partnerships with top companies like Google, Bing, Facebook and others.

The company has been a major name in the reputation management and Celebrity Engagements in Australia and New Zealand. SEO Shark has contracts with popular companies and websites to offer various digital marketing services.

Business and achievements

The organization's business model is largely based on inbound marketing and neatly 85% of SEO Shark's revenue comes from their digital marketing campaigns.


SEO Shark is a certified business partner with Google, Bing and Facebook.


On the back of ten years of SEO and digital marketing success, SEO Shark has an 8.8/10 star rating on Trustpilot, a Danish consumer review website and a 4.9/5 star rating on Facebook and Google Reviews.

The firm is also a partner with Facebook and Bing. A Bing partnership ensures that the company is qualified to use the Bings Ads platform, while a Facebook partnership ensures that SEO Shark can connect their clients directly to their respective audiences.

Company culture

Since the company was founded, SEO Shark has grown and developed significantly. The major headquarters in Sydney consists of a close team of content writers, social media consultants, account managers and additional managerial staff. The company’s hiring mantra revolves around equity, respect and collaboration. Not only that, the company has developed a reputation of placing more importance on getting to know the candidate, as opposed to focusing purely on tertiary qualifications and previous experience.

Its team of casual workers are encouraged to pick working hours that suit their schedules, while its full-time workers are afforded similar benefits. Indeed, the business has posted exceptional results on the back of its cultural model of flexibility and casual collaboration.


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