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Type of site
Privately Held Corporation
Available inMultilingual
HeadquartersNew York,
United States
Key peopleSean Kim (CEO)
  • E-Learning
  • Online Education
  • Rype Live
  • Rype GO
Launched2016; 8 years ago (2016)
Current statusOnline

Rype is an online language learning app and e-learning platform, offering one-on-one live lessons via Skype web, iOS, and Android[1] with native-speaking teachers. Currently, there are 10 foreign languages offered on the marketplace: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic.

As of December 2017, the company has had over 150,000 bookings from members since launch.[2] The company operates remotely with a distributed team of employees based in the United States.[3][4]


Rype was founded in 2016 by Sean Kim.[5] The company's first product was started as a subscription-based marketplace online that allows users to connect with language teachers via live 1-on-1 lessons online.[6][7][8] They initially launched with Spanish as their first language, and expanded to French and English afterwards.[9][10] The company is based in Brooklyn, New York.[11]

In year one, the company generated over $350,000 USD in sales,[12] and achieved profitability in ten days using a combination of content marketing[13] and answering questions on Quora.

In 2017, the company expanded to offer five languages: Spanish, French, English, Italian, and German.[14][15]

In 2018, Rype added two more languages: Arabic and Mandarin. They also created an all-access membership,[16] which allows members to have access to seven languages with one membership.


Rype Live is the initial product that was launched to connect users with language teachers online for live 1-on-1 lessons[17][18]. It operates as a subscription-based membership model[19], where users pay on a monthly, bi-annual, or annual basis to gain access to a fixed number of private language lessons per month.[20][21]

Beyond video chats, the online platform offers additional learning content and study tools that users can access in the Rype Vault.[22]

In August 2019, Rype announced the launch of a new product, Rype GO on Kickstarter[23][24] and Indiegogo, raising over $120,000 CAD.[25]. The language app uses speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence to offer immersive conversation-based lessons using speech.[26] The app also provides bite-sized video lessons that users can watch before the speaking lessons.[27] User can also add-on private lessons as a member for real-life learning with language tutors.[28]

Rype GO is set to launch in 2020 on the Apple App Store[29] and Google Play. The initial languages they will launch with are: Spanish, English, and French with more launching after.[30]


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