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Ryan Stream
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Born (1989-06-02) June 2, 1989 (age 35)
Alma materUnited States Army- Retired Utah valley university
OrganizationRyan stream LLC
Height5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
  • Verizon wireless Award
  • People choice award
  • LDS music Award
  • 2 combat tours to Afghanistan

Ryan Stream (born June 2, 1989) is a professional speaker, musician, author, military veteran, influencer and entrepreneur.[1] Stream skills in playing three different kinds of music. With millions of views on his social handles and two music awards, he has given over 300 stage performances as a professional speaker and musician.[2] He delivers stage shows, including speech and music relating to his personal life experiences on topics including resilience, leadership, discipline, bullying, hope, communication and mental and physical well-being and strength.[3]

Stream has authored a top selling book, “Conquering Your Colosseum,” and is the founder of a clothing and gym brand called, “conquering your colosseum.com.” He is the founder of a non-profit organization, “A Smile in Every Classroom,” which focuses on helping students overcome the challenges and adversities of life. He has recently signed a contract with Broadcast Music, INC. (BMI) for distribution and royalties of his music.[4]

Stream has a growing fan base with over 3,500 subscribers on YouTube, over 27,300 followers on Instagram, and 20,000 on Tiktok. His music compositions can be found streaming worldwide on iTunes, Pandora. Apple Music, IheartRadio, Spotify and radio.

Early life and education

Stream had a challenging childhood. Before being adopted, he slept in a homeless shelter and different foster care homes. Additionally, he lost his biological mom at 13 and fought anxiety and depression. Stream and his brothers got separated in a foster home in Utah and were adopted and brought together by their family again after two years. He is a graduate of Utah Valley university. After completing high school, Stream joined the military and served for 13 years. During his tenure as a veteran, he was deployed twice in Afghanistan and encountered new challenges while locating and destroying the I.E.D explosions.


Stream started his career as a musician singing country music and rap and traveled the world, entertaining and inspiring the audience with his performance and life experiences. He usually starts with a unique and powerful message about confidence and hope based on his own personal experience, followed by a piano performance, lying down blindfolded and backward. He has recently signed a contract with Broadcast Music, INC. (BMI) for distribution and royalties of his music.

Stream and his wife run a non-profit organization, "A Smile in Every Classroom," which focuses on helping students overcome life's challenges and adversities. He believes in advocating for the practice of treating others with equality and respect and speaking kind words to future generations.

Stream has also started a clothing and gym brand, conquering your colosseum.com, which will soon be marketed worldwide.

His book "Conquering Your Colosseum" is one of the top sellers in which he shares his life story and experiences to motivate and inspire people and help them gain a better perspective on life.

Stream has been featured in various publications and outlets, including MTV, Entrepreneur.com, Forbes magazine, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Inc.com, and Influencive Magazine. His inspiring life journey is often termed "From Foster Homes To Forbes."


Stream has authored the top-selling book “Conquering Your Colosseum: Believe In Yourself.” It depicts his life journey from Foster Homes To Forbes, sharing incidences that played a major role in shaping and building his life, from overcoming drug addiction to losing his biological mother to suicide, serving as a military veteran deployed in Afghanistan, and performing for audiences across the world motivating and inspiring people to be the author of their own lives and be more resilient while dealing with adversities of life. He teaches how to “Conquer Your Colosseum.”

Personal life

Stream is married to fashion and lifestyle blogger, and business owner Elizabeth Stream and has two daughters, Nixeon and Olympia Stream.

Awards and recognition

  • Verizon Wireless Tribute Award
  • LDS music award
  • ARMY Retired
  • TOP Youth Speaker


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