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Rashawn Copeland
Rashawn Copeland.JPG
Born (1987-03-13) March 13, 1987 (age 36)
Lawton, Oklahoma
NationalityAfrican American
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma mater
  • Youversion Bible App
  • Blessed Media
  • Manny Pacquiao Foundation
  • Share The King
Known forFormer Hype-man for Soulja Boy, Founder of the Largest Facebook Page Portfolio (100 Social Media Accounts) reaching 500M people a month, Top Youth Speaker ( topyouthspeakers.com)
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
AwardsTop 10 Christian Social Media Influencer

Rashawn Copeland (born March 13, 1987) is an American digital evangelist, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur.[1] He is the co-founder and digital evangelist for the non-profit organization Share The King, which helps people connect with Jesus. Copeland is a former army medical officer, the CEO of Blessed Media, and serves alongside Pastor Craig Groeschel on the Life Church (YouVersion) Bible app team. He is the founder of I'm So Blessed Daily and Without Walls Ministries.[2][3]

Copeland is well-known as the author of the books "Start Where You Are" and "No Turning Back," as well as the host of the podcasts "Faith and Familia" and "Scripture and Stories." He has been featured in several media publications and periodicals, including Oxygen TV, Tru-TV, and Relevant Magazine.[4]

Early life and education

The eldest son of Renea and Rodney Copeland, Copeland was born and raised in a military family in Miami, Florida. As a young boy, Copeland experienced the tragedy of gun violence. He attended the Washburn Rural High School and was a top student-athlete, ranked #75 among all-American football players (JUCO). Copeland graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in general studies and criminology in 2012 and is currently pursuing his MDiv at Liberty University.


After graduating, Copeland decided to serve his country and was commissioned as a 1LT in the United States Army. At age 24, he was inspired to pursue an acting career and spent the following three years in the spotlight. He became influential on social media, earned gigs with Fortune 500 firms such as Microsoft, and set out to influence millennials worldwide. Copeland also signed a contract with an agency in New York to be Soulja Boy's hype man.[5]

Then he met Jesus through a Christian girl's Facebook post. Wanting to share his life-altering experience with the world, he resolved to spread the gospel everywhere, from prison cells to Taco Bell lines. Since launching his Facebook channel in 2016, Copeland has been responsible for several hundred viral videos that have amassed over 200 million views across social media and acquired one million followers worldwide.[6][7]

Copeland persisted in sharing his enthusiasm and digital skills with the world. His subsequent mentor, Matt Brown, discovered him online and eventually connected him to some of the largest Christian niche businesses. He collaborated with numerous prominent firms, including Zondervan, Pureflix, Life Church, TBN Hour of Power, Youversion, B&H Publishing, Passion Conferences, and Leadnet.org.[8]

Copeland currently collaborates with industry leaders such as Craig Groeschel and Bobby Gruenewald. He has ongoing ties with several book publishers, churches, and organizations that produce content that entertains and inspires audiences worldwide.[9]

In 2018, Copeland and his wife created I'm So Blessed Daily in the Philippines, intending to construct Christ-centered orphanages across the islands. Additionally, the pair founded Without Walls Ministries, a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to aiding folks seeking light in a dark world. He has collaborated with renowned brands, including Life Church (YouVersion), the Manny Pacquiao Foundation, the Museum of the Bible, and Pureflix.[10]

Copeland has authored two books, "Start Where You Are" and "No Turning Back." His book "Start Where You Are" conveys that God meets us in our mess, loves us through it, and leads us out of it. As Copeland relates his own transformational experience, he encourages and enables readers to seize the same chance and begin where they are to reach their desired destination. God designed you for joy, serenity, hope, and abundance and is aimed to give these to you. His primary objective in writing this book is to assist you in stepping into these blessings. In No Turning Back, he explains how to experience genuine and enduring growth in light of God's promises to his followers.[11]

Copeland co-hosts the podcast "Faith and Familia" with his wife and co-host, Denisse Copeland. Through their podcast, the couple reveals unfiltered moments from their parenting journey to demonstrate to every struggling family that Christ offers freedom. They believe that the actual experiences of their family will provide hope, encouragement, and healing to individuals worldwide. There are presently 194 episodes of the program available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iTunes. He also hosts the show Scripture and Stories on the Converge Podcast Network.[12][13]

Personal life

Copeland currently resides in Oklahoma, United States. He married his wife Denisse Copeland in 2016 and together they have five sons - Jerrell, Aiden, Eliyah, Samuel, and Zaccai Copeland.


  • Start Where You Are (September 2020)
  • No Turning Back (March 2022)

In the media



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