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Rolandis Ramsey

4 October
Orlando, Florida
Other names
  • Roro muzic
  • Roromusic
  • Roro music
  • Rolandis "Roro" Ramsey
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Recording Artist
  • Producer
  • Songwriter
  • Media Personality
OrganizationR2 Recordz
  • Little Ko-chees (father)
Musical career
Background information
Associated actsRisa Kumon

Rolandis Ramsey (born 4th of October), popularly known as RORO, is a Tokyo-based American recording artist, producer, songwriter, and media personality.[1] He is the Co-founder of R2 Recordz, an international music label, That produces music & Radio Shows such as Roro Radio, Risa’s Select, RnB Selecta and most notably R2 Radio, a bilingual program that features the work of musicians, and artists along with covering international culture & trends in the entertainment industry.[2][3]

RORO is regarded as one of the fastest-growing media personalities in the industry and has gained mass acclaim for his debut album Road To Success.[4] He has toured internationally with Japanese Jazz artists such as Hino Terumasa and dj honda. RORO is credited for making a mark in the Japanese industry by introducing American Hip-Hop Music through his radio shows and his songs and is continuously working to bridge the gap between Japanese and American music.[5]

Early life and education

RORO was born as Rolandis Ramsey in Orlando, Florida. He hails from a long line of musicians. His grandfather was a member (guitarist) of a popular ‘70 soul group and his father Little Ko-Chees was a renowned rapper/producer who dominated the Miami music scene, particularly the Bass scene in the early ‘90s.

RORO began rapping and producing at a young age, guided by his father, following in his footsteps. By the age of 7, Roro started his first rap group, '5 Lil Shorties'. From there, they went on to create an album, performed across the United States and was featured on national television.

RORO completed his high school education at Evans High School and then attended West Virginia University in Parkersburg.


RORO, having started his career as a musician at a young age. As a teenager, he also participated in competitions and led a popular public service campaign called Rap Against Violence addressing the rising gun violence in the States. The campaign would lead to the public service announcements being played as commercials on major Television stations across America.[6]

RORO later went on to produce and feature on Risa Kumon's iTunes #1 Christmas Covers EP. He has also appeared on Japanese national television (Fuji TV, NHK), and released his debut album 'Road to Success' known for its songs Doesn’t mean I’m Lost, Soul Glow, Living for the Light, and Get Back Up Again.[7] He has performed at numerous shows, festivals, and private events especially in Asia.

RORO has eventually began producing his own shows -- Roro Radio on Lovefm 76.1mhz in Fukuoka, and R2 Radio on InterFm89.7mhz in Tokyo, which has been broadcasted in over 12 cities nationwide.[8] R2 Radio since its inception has featured the interviews of a number of artists including Dj Jazzy Jeff, Terumasa Hino, Drum Tao, Mr. Doodle, Eric Benet, and others. He's also teamed up with The Pharcyde, a US hip-hop group, to broadcast the R2 Radio Show from Tokyo to the rest of the world via the Pharcyde TV network.[9][10]

As of 2022, Roro is working on his next solo project while producing an album for upcoming Japanese singer-songwriter, Risa Kumon.[11] He is involved in music productions for big brands where he rapped in commercials for companies such as Honda, clear for men by clear, Asahi super dry, Smirnoff, Pantene and more.[12][13]


S.No. Title Year Type
1 Money Round The World 2012 Single
2 Road To Success[14] 2013 Album (13 Songs)
3 Doesn’t Mean I’m Lost (Ft. Risa Kumon) 2013 Single


In the media



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