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Petronella Breinburg
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Died2019(2019-00-00) (aged 91–92)
Alma mater
  • University of Keele
  • Amsterdam University
  • Author
  • Playwright
  • Professor

Dr. Petronella Breinburg (1927 to 2019) was a Surinamese British author, playwright and professor - and one of the first black British authors to write picture books about black children.[1] My Brother Sean,[2] illustrated by Eroll Lloyd and published by The Bodley Head,[3] was followed by a series, including Sean Goes to School,[4] Sean's Red Bike[5] and Doctor Sean.[6] Petronella also wrote books focused on older children, including her first book Legend of Suriname,[7] Us Boys of Westcroft[8] and Stories from the Caribbean.[9]

Personal life

Petronella, of mixed European and African heritage, was born in Suriname in 1927. Her father, a policeman, died when she was 12 and the whole family - there were six children - went to live with her grandmother, near an old Dutch plantation. This grandmother used to terrify the children with tales about the old Dutchman who had owned the plantation.[10]

Influenced by a lineage of storytellers, Petronella enjoyed writing from a young age, winning local competitions from age eight and writing her first play at 13.[11] She was educated at St. Rosa and St. Margaret's Convent in Suriname before training as a teacher. After emigrating to Guyana with her husband, she gave birth to two children. In Guyana, she was a member of the Red Cross Society for 10 years, serving for some time as Lieutenant of the Girls Life Brigade. Petronella came to the UK with her two children to join her husband in 1961.[12] Petronella was a supply teacher in some of London’s toughest schools where her experience of racism and representation shaped her writing.[8]

In addition to English, Petronella spoke Surinamese and Dutch.[11]


  • Legends of Suriname (1971) [13]
  • Sean Goes to School (1974) [4]
  • Us Boys of Westcroft (1975) [15]
  • Doctor Sean (1975) [16]
  • Sean’s Red Bike (1976) [17]
  • Girl Frog & Petticoat (1977) [18]
  • One Day, Another Day (1977) [19]
  • Sally-Ann's Umbrella (1977) [20]
  • Sally-Ann in the Snow (1977) [21]
  • Sally-Ann's Skateboard (1979) [22]
  • Tiger, Paleface and Me (1979) [23]
  • Brinsly's Dream (1980) [24]
  • Stories From The Caribbean (2000) [25]
  • Jeremia and The Trumpet Man (2001) [26]
  • Goodasyu: Crescendo (2011) [27]


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