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Pat Ahern
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Born (1993-06-10) June 10, 1993 (age 31)
San Francisco, CA
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationFordham University
OccupationPartner at Inter
Years active2012 - present
Known forDigital Marketing; Entrepreneurship; SEO
TitlePartner, Growth Strategist

Patrick Ryan Ahern (born June 10, 1993) also known as Pat Ahern, is an American entrepreneur, marketer, digital marketing and SEO specialist. Pat is best known for his contribution and expertise in online content marketing, web development, technical marketing and link building strategies.[1] Ahern through his online blog shares tips, tricks and strategies on his online blog.[2] He brings to the table the fundamentals of online marketing and how to leverage its power in order to generate revenue.[3]

Ahern developed an interest in the business at an early age and started his entrepreneurial career in 2012.[4] Since then, he has helped a number of clients in achieving their business goals and establish themselves as a better brand.[5]

Ahern currently serves as one of the co-founders of Inter (formerly Junto), a company that provides data-centric growth solutions for growing businesses.[6] He is considered to be one of the prominent digital marketing experts in the United States who has worked with a number of small to medium sized businesses to exponentially grow their revenue through SEO and content marketing.[7][8]

Early life and education

Ahern was born in San Francisco, California and brought up in Hingham, Massachusetts. He attended Boston College High School, which is about half an hour away from Hingham. Later on, Ahern pursued a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Fordham University. Along with that Ahern also studied entrepreneurship and information systems.


Ahern began his career when he was in college. He started out as a mentor for the Compass Partners Organization. Ahern was responsible for inviting guest speakers and managing the weekly college modules.

In 2012, Ahern joined Edvisors, an education consultancy service in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was an inbound marketing analyst for this firm. He worked on creating and implementing social media strategies that resulted in higher customer retention. Ahern worked with Edvisors for over a year.

In 2013, Ahern founded Pahern Media, a digital marketing firm in Denver which was an immediate success and generated approximately 300% revenue growth in online traffic for its clients. Ahern worked on inbound marketing strategies along with focusing on SEO optimised data, helping his clients create an organic crowd for their websites and media channels.[9][10]

In 2014, Ahern was appointed as the marketing consultant and head of sales for Vault Collective LLC based in New York.[11] Ahern was responsible for developing online marketing strategies along with optimizing social media channels in order to generate more traffic for its clients.

Ahern became the head of SEO at AdVision Marketing in 2015. AdVision is a digital marketing firm based in Denver. Ahern contributed his knowledge and expertise in the field of digital marketing.

After he sensed an opportunity in the growing digital marketing agency market, he quit his job and co-founded Junto in 2016, a marketing and advertising firm in Denver. He is a Partner at Junto, a company specializing in content and website development.[12] They have served a vast clientele worldwide helping them increase their online visibility.[13] In 2020, Junto rebranded and changed their name to Inter.

Licenses and certifications

In 2015, Ahern earned a certificate from HubSpot in Inbound Marketing.

Personal Life

Ahern currently lives in Denver Colorado. He is fluent in English and has elementary proficiency in Swedish and Spanish. Ahern is passionate about traveling and spending his time in outdoor activities such as skiing and rock climbing. Ahern also enjoys craft brewing and has a setup at his home.

In the media


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