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Ofir Eyal Bar
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Born1982 (age 41–42)
Tel-Aviv, Israel
EducationUniversity of Portsmouth
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • investor
Years active2002 - present
Known for
  • Digital Marketing
  • Real Estate Investor

Ofir Eyal Bar (born in Israel) is an Israeli real estate investor, entrepreneur, digital marketing expert and a successful businessman.[1] Bar is a serial real estate investor who owns a number of properties in Israel, United Kingdom and South Africa.[2] He has been named as a real investment guru by high tier media outlets and also owns a basic materials mine in South Africa that has helped in making a good fortune for him. Bar regularly shares his expert opinions on his blog regarding the global economical flux and its effects on the real estate industry.[3][4][5]

Born in Israel, Bar is often seen at industry events on the topics of real estate, investing and digital marketing, and he is an active member of several real estate communities.[6] He is known for helping out young real-estate investors and works with them closely in learning making investments. Bar is the owner of a privately held firm based in Miami, Florida that deals in real estate.[7] He has over 15 years of experience as a real estate investor and is best known for his expertise in commercial real estate and residential real estate.[8]

After relocating to the United States, Bar has been investing heavily in the growing South African real estate market.[9] He owns a number of commercial and residential projects in the country. Bar is an acclaimed digital marketing expert, he has been regularly seen and participated in a number of projects related to global financial markets.[10]

He has garnered attention for his investments and digital marketing expertise, and has been regularly covered by several media outlets including Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur Magazine, Medium, Times of Israel, Benzinga and others.[11] Bar has made a fortune after his visionary investments on logistic warehouses in Western Europe in 2008. He made a number of investments in Germany and The Netherlands through his investment group and some of them also involved international real-estate funds.[12][13]

Early life and education

Bar was born and raised in Israel. Since his childhood, Bar has been influenced by architecture and evolution of designs. Having been born in an architecturally rich country, Bar got inspired deeply and developed his passion for real estate. Bar completed his education from the University of Portsmouth, graduating with a bachelor’s degree.


Bar purchased his first property in Israel, which he turned into a profitable investment. 2002 marked the beginning of Bar’s career as a real estate investor. Soon after he started investing in several other properties across Israel, learning the ropes of the industry. After having a successful stride in Israel, Bar started expanding his business in the United Kingdom and South Africa.[14] He owns raw material mines in South Africa which have been one of his best investments that gave a profitable return. He is also a member of various real estate communities where he has made connections with influential people of the industry. Bar also uses his skills as a digital marketer to leverage the power of online media in his real estate business. He posts rental and on-sale listings on websites including CraigsList, Realtor.com and Trulia.

Bar also runs a blog where he shares his expert opinions on the world economy and its effects on the real estate industry.

In 2011, Bar taped into online marketing and became a digital marketing entrepreneur. He has helped several business owners to increase their brand visibility. Bar is an expert in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click promotions. He also creates social media strategies for the companies in order to promote their business along with media buying and affiliate marketing.[15]

Personal Life

Bar is an outdoorsman, he enjoys attending events and connecting with the community. He is also fond of hiking and other activities. Bar is passionate about watching experts perform, regardless of their field, be it singers, dancers or anyone, such performances inspire him to excel in his work.

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