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Nomaan Sheikh
Nomaan Sheikh
Nomaan Sheikh
Born (1989-04-10) April 10, 1989 (age 34)
Years active2007-present
Known forDigi Persona

Nomaan Sheikh (born 10 April 1989 in Jeddah) is a Pakistani entrepreneur and business executive.[1] He is the CEO and the founder of Digi Persona, a Karachi based digital marketing company.[2] He is best known for his strategic networking talent, digital expertise and advanced knowledge of corporate communication, public relations, brand management and advertising multimedia management.[3][4]

Nomaan founded Digi Persona in 2021, a complete solution for your digital marketing, media handling, website development, PR or anything related to digital marketing with an experience of more than 13 years in the field of digital marketing and PR and noticing the change in digital world. He started his business to build his brand as one of the best in the digital marketing world.[5]

Early life and education

Nomaan was born on 10 April 1989 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He completed his school education in 1999 in computer science from Jeddah then he moved to Pakistan and enrolled himself in Askari College in pre-engineering and completed his intermediate in 2008. Soon after that, he graduated from (PIDC) government college in 2011.

During 2009-2010, Nomaan enrolled himself in a diploma course of integrated animation and enhanced his skills in digital communication whether its media or multimedia.

He was associated with IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) in 2017 and holds a degree in online marketing fundamentals.[6] Nomaan has also done several courses and holds diplomas from Arena Multimedia in digital marketing and social media advertising strategies.[3]


Nomaan began his career in 2007 and he worked at Pizza Hut as a management intern where his duties and responsibilities were site supervisor with planning, scheduling, implementing and general supervision of existing programs and events. In the same year, he left Pizza Hut and joined Newways International Technologies as an assistant marketing manager where he was responsible for company's promotional giveaway trophies and gifts and he had to coordinate with the vendors in regards to time, budget and related production requirements whereas he has to ensure that the promotional giveaways are in the outlets and displayed in a proper manner. The most prime responsibility was to performing in depths surveying studies to determine the most suitable promotional giveaways of each product and the goals and objectives of advertisement, marketing and sales activities in order to acquire a comprehensive knowledge and experience about the products, raise awareness about them and promote their brand name to increase sales and solidify company brand name.[3]

Nomaan Sheikh at Google

In 2011, he joined Mobilink (formerly Jazz) as a Corporate Account Executive – Enterprise Solutions, where he contributed to teams postpaid and BlackBerry sales figure and introduced a new tracking facilitation for companies to track sale team and customize from Mobilink Tracking via Google Maps and to explore new market possibilities to ensure monthly sales flow. One of his responsibilities was to target untapped accounts for customs solutions and competitors accounts to maintain market leadership.[3]

In June 2012, he started working for The Next Big Thing (TNBT) as Assistant Digital Manager - Client Services & Business. As a multiple position holder in a digital media agency his role in the company was pretty dynamic. His prime responsibility was to work-collaboratively with the business development team, brand management team, and development team to ensure successful execution of his product cycle for various clients. His further responsibilities included managing pre-sales documentation, working with the top management team to build digital concepts of our clients and to introduce new ideas to improve our current process, managing potential leads to convert them into deals.[3]

Later in 2013, he joined Apna FM Network as an Assistant Marketing Manager where his core responsibilities were team management, developing sales plan, selecting and growing a new team to scale up a new business creation, act as a mentor and coach the team members.[3]

In 2014 he started in Crea8ive Bench as a Head of Business Operations for three months. As a part of a leading full service interactive digital media agency he was responsible for providing effective, clutter breaking, creative solutions to marketer. He worked in the core team to aggregate media businesses of different media agencies in Pakistan. And involved in creating business and digital marketing strategies for existing clients and new business pitches. Later on he was appointed as business Operation Manager and leads a core delivery team spanning account management, business development, technology and social media to acquire, sustain and expand client relationships.[3]

Nomaan Sheikh

From 2014 to 2016 he worked in B.A Modern Media Consultant first as General Manager Marketing where his responsibilities were to lead agency pitches to prospective clients and grow agency top line revenue; create strategic proposals to promote services; front end manages the client relationship; manage the marketing strategy by image building, corporate communications, and brand projection to rapidly grow the company's exposure to both the corporate and government sector; and manage the HR and Admin strategy by training and developing the team to learn and adapt to the latest advertising trends, improving quality of proposals and evaluating employees' work performance. Later in the same company, he also served as a Digital Marketing Consultant where his job was to create advertising media strategy and plans for interactive and traditional media buys; Google Ad-Words Search, Shopping & Analytics Certified, Facebook Certified Buying Professional; maintain media campaigns through launch and conclusion including managing reporting, optimization and posting; expert in DoubleClick (DCM, DBM), Proficient with Flash talking and Sizmek; and to manage digital reporting and analytics on daily, weekly and monthly basis.[3]

In 2017, he worked in J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as a Digital Media Consultant in which his duties were to maintain media campaigns through launch and conclusion including managing reporting, optimization and posting and work across departments (creative, strategy, account management, finance) to build well-rounded campaigns.[3]

In 2018, before founding his own agency, Digi Persona, he worked in Viral Edge as Director marketing media,[7][8] where his primary responsibilities were to attend strategy meetings and brainstorm on media buying initiatives and suggestions; discuss projects with clients; manage the media department; train and supervise media department employees; coordinate launch of media campaigns with marketing;[9] decide how best to communicate messages; build relationships with media sales companies; negotiate rates with media sales companies to obtain most competitive prices; gain client approval for each campaign phase; work with media sales workers employed by newspapers, magazines, cable services, and radio and television stations; track down and buy space in print publications or television markets; resell space to advertising agencies; and to recommend which days and times ads should run.[3][6] During his stay at Viral Edge, he has supervised marketing for many brands including Facebook,[10] J. (Junaid Jamshed),[11] and Kashmir Park (formerly, Askari Amusement Park).[12]

Nomaan is Global Partner Advisor (Meta Partner) at E.Ocean which is an omni-channel cloud communication platform that enables businesses to communicate with their customers using SMS, WhatsApp and Voice in a quick, secure and reliable way.[13] E.Ocean offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that includes omni-channel messaging APIs to support alerts, notifications and two-factor authentication use cases. E.Ocean enables over 2000 businesses and brands to power interactions with their customers through our programmable communication APIs and web applications across Marketing, Service Delivery and Customer Support. Its focus areas are Messaging APIs, Digital Connect, and Automation Tools. Digital Connect, is a multi-channel customer engagement platform that empowers businesses to build conversational relationships with their customers via chatbots and live agents at scale over digital channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Google's Business Messages.[5]

Digi Persona

Nomaan founded Digi Persona (PVT) Ltd in 2021, a digital marketing agency based in Karachi.[14] It provides the best digital marketing campaigns based on experiences and has numerous case studies of several verticals such as E-commerce, Financial Industries, FMCG and so on.

Its digital marketing services that deliver an approach by combining marketing strategies with technology and automation. It is a full-service media agency that helps brands unlock growth through multiple platforms by applying their Systems Thinking approach to data, technology and creativity they design communication strategies that grow brands and generate sales.

The agency exists to fundamentally expand the value and relevance of advertising for the benefit of brands and consumers. They do this by merging the principles of data knowledge and the power of technology to increase the strategy, creativity, and human expertise behind their work.

They build flexible partnerships with their clients that are aimed for the world they live in today, from end-to-end agency implementation to custom consulting solutions for in-house experts. All supported by a platform-based service model that accelerates alliance and enables high-frequency decision making.



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