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IndustryFinancial, software, data, and media company
FounderSarthak Garg
  • Delhi, India
  • London, Europe
  • New York, USA
Number of locations

Newsnest is a business & financial information and news provider founded by Sarthak Garg in 2021. The company is headquartered in Delhi, India with offices in London and New York. It is registered under the Startup India Initiative by the Government of India. Newsnest is the first platform in Asia that connects businesses to a dynamic network of information, people, and ideas in order to assist them to make strategic decisions and acquire a competitive advantage.[1]

Newsnest’s core strength is leveraging technology to allow customers to access, integrate, distribute, and manage data and information across organizations smartly and innovatively, helping to maximize their profitability and improve customer loyalty.


Sarthak Garg established Newsnest with the aim to automate the manual process of acquiring market research information by leveraging the newest tech advancements. The idea was to build such a platform where people don’t have to rely on data experts to make informed analyses of the financial markets. He automated this process by enabling an ultimate set of tools that made the process much easier and faster.

Newsnest’s bespoke solutions help agile teams make better strategic decisions and gain a competitive edge by connecting them to a dynamic network of information, people, and ideas. To do so, it delivers a diverse range of data, news, rigorous analytics, and themes within millions of premium research documents.

Newsnest also offers a risk management service - [email protected] a terminal that indexes structured and unstructured data, institutional research, private and third party content, and productivity tools all of these in one place in a matter of few seconds, using quick, accurate, and innovative technology to individuals and across enterprises. It also offers a live connection to Excel spreadsheets and messaging tools. This terminal can also use all tweets on a given subject to identify positive or negative indicators.

Newsnest users can search for market-related data in the same way as they search on Google or Bing. The data is delivered in the form of a well-organized and comprehensive report which saves valuable time and increases employee efficiency.

Products & Services

Newsnest Terminal - The financial data vendor's proprietary computer system, allows subscribers to access the Newsnest service to monitor and analyze real-time financial data, search financial news, obtain price quotes and send electronic messages through the Newsnest Messaging Service.

BusinessAdda Newspaper (Physical + Digital)- This will include unlimited digital access to Business articles on all devices and weekly delivery of the Newsnest BusinessAdda print magazine

Prescriptive Analytics - Extend the search engines to recommend actions based on that previous search information, such as adjusting asking prices for sales and other transactions.

Financial Data Management - The Newsnest Data Management Service delivers data management solutions that free your resources: vendor feed management and quality control, process and entitlements control, and application of business rules.

Newsnest Law - Newsnest Law subscribers can learn about breaking decisions, which judge owns how many shares of which publicly-traded company, the implications of the latest sections added to the existing ones of the Internal Revenue Code, and more.

Newsnest Regime - Newsnest Regime is an Internet-based service for professionals who need to understand the business impact of government actions so they can make smart, timely, and effective decisions.

Besides the above services, Newnest provides various services which includes-

  • Media Channel
  • Newsnest Certifications
  • Newsnest WhatsApp service
  • Newsnest Journalist
  • Newsnest Search
  • Newsnest Tax Expert
  • Newsnest Manager Selection Services
  • Newsnest Cloud Workspace
  • Newsnest Advisor Office
  • Dataroom Select
  • Smart Tagging
  • Supplier Integration Risk Management Platform
  • Tax Information Reporting Solution
  • Newsnest Radio
  • News Broadcaster
  • Newsnest Credit Rating Limited
  • Newsnest Transaction Advisory
  • Newsnest Banking Services Advisory
  • Newsnest Corporate Advisory
  • Newsnest Financial Sector Advisory


To connect worldwide customers in real-time and deliver purposely-driven information to assist them in making faster, more competent & confident decisions


To accelerate growth by building a broadened and innovative platform purposely oriented to impact our customers positively and successfully navigate at a global level.


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