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My Healthy Home ®
IndustryEnvironmental Services- Residential
Founded2003; 21 years ago (2003)
FounderCaroline Blazovsky
HeadquartersWhitehouse Station, NJ
Number of locations
Area served

My Healthy Home ®, is a US-based national testing services and investigation company that offers mold testing, indoor air testing, consultations, and healthy home products.[1] Founded as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2003, the company has an environmental sustainability initiative that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and create better homes. The company was originally started in 1999 as local business in Hunterdon County, New Jersey under the business name "Healthy Home".[2][3]

My Healthy Home ® is a Green America Gold Certified Business. Certified Green Businesses are leaders in the green business field and certified under Green America's rigorous standards. Gold Certified Green Businesses go above and beyond industry standards in every facet of their work. They are leaders in their industries that embed social responsibility into the DNA of their company.[4]

My Healthy Home ® has been a women business enterprise (WBE) since its inception.


My Healthy Home ® was founded in 2003 by Caroline Blazovsky,[5] an environmental home inspector and the president of the company.[6] Blazovsky comes with over 20 years of experience working with residential clients and 30,000 home investigations. My Healthy Home is a sustainability initiative that specializes in indoor air quality products, consultations, and services.[7]

My Healthy Home ® was incorporated on May 21, 2003 in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. The company holds the trademarks, My Healthy Home ®, Healthy Home Expert ® and Examinair ®. My Healthy Home also purchased the Examinair ® brand in 2018. My Healthy Home is a nationwide company that offers mold testing, indoor air testing, consultations and healthy home products. They source only environmentally friendly building materials and products used to create a healthier home environment. My Healthy Home specializes in UV light disinfection technologies, dehumidification, ventilation and filtration products. The company offers boutique services for testing homes for toxins and creating a state of the art indoor air quality. At My Healthy Home, clients can test their homes for mold, mycotoxins, volatile organic compounds, allergens, formaldehyde, and other contaminants. Caroline Blazovsky nationally media recognized as America's Healthy Home Expert®, resides as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and was the founder of the company. My Healthy Home is a women owned business enterprise WBE and the company was recognized as Covid-19 experts and leading air quality industry professionals during the 2020 pandemic and as a growing sector of this building industry. Their work has been featured for iin AARP, Shape, SiriusXM, Forbes, House Smarts TV, Martha Stewart,The Jenny McCarthy Show, Reader’s Digest, Intelligent Medicine, ACHR News and numerous podcasts, radio, television and print interviews. The company develops and sells products, services and multimedia content pertaining to creating healthier homes across the USA.[8]

My Healthy Home® started as a mold testing company and soon branched into a full service indoor air quality services company for residential customers in 2005. The company caters to physicians, homeowners, contractors, and B2B customers.[9]

Founded in Whitehouse, New Jersey, My Healthy Home® focuses on spreading environmental awareness to residential homeowners and promoting a healthy lifestyle that would better lives and benefit the planet. The platform is dedicated to improving homes across America.[10][11]

My Healthy Home® collaborates with physicians specializing in allergies and sensitivities (mcs), environmental medicine, and functional medicine who offer test kits for patients to assess if home health issues may be contributing to illness and/or poor health.[12][13]


My Healthy Home® consultations are both virtual and on-site and help create better homes using testing and analysis services, healthier building practices and prevention techniques. Developed with over 20 years in the home investigation business, they use their proprietary and trademarked My Healthy Home pyramid algorithm for creating a healthy home which includes education, technology and building science. They implement technologies for creating better air and water in a home and partner with accredited laboratories to provide science-based data.

Products & Services

My Healthy Home® services include home health consultations, water testing, air testing for mold and allergens, air purification, ventilation, green building knowledge, healthy products, and remediation. The company’s products are tailor-made for its clients, who could consist of physicians, homeowners, contractors, or B2B customers. They are a distributor and carry various product lines including:

  • IVP Air Filtration Systems - heated filtration system is the first to show actual Sars-Cov2 was destroyed instantly in a single pass, without heating ambient air.
  • Atlantic Ultraviolet - ultraviolet lights for air and water disinfection in the home or office help reduce bacteria, viruses and mold that may invade your air.
  • Therma-Stor LLC- commercial dehumidifiers that help reduce mold, pests and dust mites with Santa Fe, Ultra-Aire and Quest brands and technology
  • Air Sniper- a complete air purification for HVAC whole house systems to remove mold, bacteria and virus with proprietary ultraviolet and filtration design


My Healthy Home ® is a Green America Gold Certified Business. They were a 2020 finalist for the NJBIZ Emerging Business of the Year Award[14] and the Chief Executive Officer Caroline Blazovsky was named a Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur in New Jersey where the principal place of business resides.[15]

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