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Murray Lee Eiland Jr
Murray Lee Eiland Jr.JPG
Born (1936-09-09) September 9, 1936 (age 87)
California, USA
CitizenshipUnited States of America
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of California San Francisco (MD degree 1961)
  • Psychiatrist
  • Author
Years active1960 - Present
  • Napa State Hospital, Napa, CA (1965-2000)
  • Contra Costa County Mental Health Clinic, Pittsburgh, CA (2002-2010)
Known forScholar of Oriental rugs and Islamic art
Spouse(s)Astrid Esther Eiland (Hilweg)
ChildrenMurray Lee Eiland III
  • Murray Lee Eiland Sr. (father)
  • Frances Perrigo (mother)
  • Emmet Eiland (Brother)
  • Kathleen Barber (Sister)

Murray Lee Eiland Jr. (born September 9, 1936) is an author, scholar and researcher specializing in antique oriental rugs.[1][2] He has authored or co-authored over 20 books that focus on the study of carpets from Arabian Peninsula, China, Iran, Turkestan and the Caucasus region.[3] Eliand Jr. was president of Oriental Rug Co. of Berkeley, CA, and a visiting scholar at the Center for Psychological Studies in Albany, CA.[4]

Eliand Jr. is recognised as one of the significant scholars of Oriental carpets and textiles.[5] He is also known for his fiction series The Orfeo Saga set in the Bronze Age of Greece, as well as the Bart Northcote Series, about a private eye in Los Angeles.[6] The geography of the former was based upon his experiences gained during buying and research trips in many countries.[7][8][9]

Eliand Jr. is a member of American Psychiatric Association, California Medical Association, Northern California Psychiatric Association and Phi Beta Kappa Society.[10] He is also a contributing editor at the Encyclopædia Britannica. He is also a Contributing Editor to  Hali Magazine (UK), and on the Academic committee of Ghereh Magazine (Italy).

Early life and education

Eiland was born on September 9, 1936 in Taft, CA to Murray Lee Sr. and Frances Perrigo. His father was a judge in Taft and his mother was a teacher. Ever since Eliand was a child, he was passionate about reading and writing. After considering to pursue his career as a writer, Eliand dropped the idea and continued his studies to become a doctor.

Later he attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Soon after Eliand went to the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). In 1961 he received his M.D. degree at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and became a psychiatrist.

Apart from the formal education, Eliand also received a substantial amount of on the job training as a psychiatrist, and as a consultant in forensic psychiatry.[11]


In 1965 Eliand started  working at Napa State Hospital where he worked for almost 35 years. In 2000 Eliand joined Contra Costa County Mental Health Clinic. He was a visiting scholar at the Center for Psychological Studies, which is an authorised graduate school for Human Behaviour. Eliand as a faculty of this school. He gave lectures along with conducting colloquia, seminars, and workshops. He continues to work for the court as a forensic psychiatrist.

In 1974 Eliand was appointed as the president of the Oriental Rug Co. Inc. a family owned and operated business. Throughout the years, Eliand learned the intricate workings of the industry and became a self-taught rug expert, who is now considered one of the best around the world.


=== Notable publications ===[12]

  • Eiland, Murray L. Jr. (1973). Oriental Rugs: A Comprehensive Guide (1 ed.). Boston, MA: New York Graphic Society. ISBN 978-0-8212-0643-0.
  • Eiland, Murray L. Jr. (1976). Oriental Rugs: A Comprehensive Guide (2 ed.). Boston, MA: New York Graphic Society. ISBN 978-0821206430.
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  • Pinner, Robert; Eiland, Murray L. Jr. (1999). Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies: The Salting Carpets. San Francisco: International Conference on Oriental Carpets. ISBN 978-1889666051.
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  • Eiland, Murray L. Jr. (2002). Passages: Celebrating Rites of Passage in Inscribed Armenian Rugs. Armenian Rugs Society (2002). ISBN 978-0972115902.


  • Turkomans and Scholarship, Oriental Rug Review (ORR), 8/2, 1988, pp.16-21.
  • A Look at the Word Tribal: A warning about using rug labels, ORR 9/5, 1989, pp. 40-4.
  • The Pregnant Boteh, exhibition review ORR 16/2, 1995, p. 2.

Book reviews

  • Book Review, Oriental Carpets in The Philadelphia Museum of Art, by Charles Grant Ellis, ORR 8/4, 1988, p. 45.
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Conference presentations

  • The Earliest Surviving Turkish Carpets. 2nd International Conference on Turkish & Central Asian Carpets, Istanbul, Turkey. 14–17 October 1994.
  • Speculations Around the Origin of Rug Weaving in Tibet. 10th Textile Museum Rug Convention. November 9–11, 1984.
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  • Comments on the Origin of Safavid Carpets. 5th International Congress of Iranian Art & Archaeology, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz. April 11–18, 1968.

Encyclopædia Britannica

Eiland, Murray L. "Rug and carpet". Encyclopædia Britannica. Archived from the original on 2020-08-12.

Fiction books

  • The Sword of Telemon (The Orfeo Saga, #1), ISBN 978-1517042226
  • The Emperor of Babylon (The Orfeo Saga, #2) ISBN 978-1518633072
  • Zurga's Fire (The Orfeo Saga, #3) ISBN 978-1519278364
  • The Wanderer's Last Journey (The Orfeo Saga, #4) ISBN 978-1519655790
  • Return to Babylon (The Orfeo Saga, #5) ISBN 978-1537090535
  • The Slave Boy (The Orfeo Saga, #6) ISBN 978-1543198492
  • The Raid on Troy (The Orfeo Saga, #7) ISBN 978-1545014035
  • The Ishtar Cup (Bart Northcote, #1) [13][14]ISBN 9781517362287
  • A Search for Family (Bart Northcote, #2) ISBN 978-1522729495
  • A New Family (Bart Northcote, #3) ISBN 978-1530056385
  • Winchester's Bargain (Bart Northcote, #4) ISBN 978-1537783895

Further reading

  • "Chinese and Exotic Rugs (book review)". Antique Journal: 43. December 1980.
  • Hausman, Patricia R. (January 15, 1980). "Chinese and Exotic Rugs (book review)". Library Journal: 192.


Eliand is the recipient of Joseph V. McMullan Award for Stewardship and Scholarship in Islamic Rugs and Textiles.

Personal Life

Eliand married Astrid Esther Eiland (Hilweg) in 1967. Astrid is a nurse and is a PhD level psychologist and they have a son named Murray Lee Eiland III who is an archaeologist. Eliand has always been interested in ancient cultures and he spends his leisure time appreciating opera.

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