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Mostafa Salehi Nezhad
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BornBorn 21 Sep 1987
  • Filmmaker
  • Film director
  • Filmmaker
  • Documentary filmmaker
  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Script writer
  • Translator
  • Producer
Years active2008-present

Mostafa Salehi Nezhad (Born 21 sep 1987) is an producer, filmmaker, Documentary filmmaker, editor journalist and Translation studies. He is the head of Cultural Commission and Public Relations Manager in Iran-Qatar chamber of commerce.[1] He started his professional career at 2008 and documenting, directing and producing since then. Salehi Nezhad also voluntarily cooperates with World Food Programme.


  • Bitter Cultivation (2012)
  • Under The Oak Tree
  • Hanieh
  • Mother
  • Meeting with the undertaker
  • Cold Wind Blows
  • Three meters and a few Centimeters

Mostafa Salehi Nezhad works have been acclaimed both internationally and domestically, he has been either nominated or won prizes in well-known festivals Like : Sebastopol documentary film festival ( Oscar Academy qualifying festival) , Cannes Film Festival, International festival of short films on culture and tourism (IFFC) , VIVA Film Festival, Pune International Film Festival, Eurasia International Film Festival, Meihodo film festival Foca film days and google:cardif+international+film+festival&rlz=1C1CHBD_enIR896US896&oq=cardif+international+film+festival&aqs=chrome..69i57.1021j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8|Cardiff film festival.

2017 Hanieh One of Salehi Nezhad's Noteable works was producing a documentary on a little girl called Hanieh who returned to her home to save her child sister during earthquake and got stuck under rubbles, which leaded her into sever spinal cord injury (paraplegia)(tetraplegia), during 2017 Iran–Iraq earthquake.[2]the publication of Salehi Nezhad's documentary lead to remarkable reaction from all over the country, including the governors of Khuzestan and Isfahan stating that they are ready to help Hanieh and her family.

In the result of his actions, Hanieh's family received numerous aids from all across the country, including Khuzestan's governor [3] and Iran's Minister of health paid a visit to Hanieh in hospital.[4]The governor of Khuzestan also undertook all of Hanieh's treatment fees.

Thanks to Salehi Nezhad's documentary, many artists and celebrities paid her a visit and launched a fundraising campaign for her, and a charity sheltered them in a house.

Pouran Derakhshandeh visited her too and declared she would make make a film about her.

2018 Mostafa Salehi Nezhad has directed and produced two documentaries in 2018 that both received outstanding reviews and were acclaimed both in international and domestic festivals.

Meeting with the undertaker was Salehi Nezhad's first documentary in this year, which was released on March 28, 2018. The movie was filmed and directed in country of Iraq|iraq.

The documentary was shown in IFFC and in addition to that it was appreciated and awarded at that festival.[5]

Cold Wind Blows is another documentary made in the same year, released on April 11, 2018 and filmed in Iran

which also acclaimed in international festivals including: Russia's Eurasia film festivaland Pune International Film Festival. [6][7]

2021 Three Meters and a few Centimeters , latest work of this distinguished, young and creative director which happens to be his most well-received, and critically successful documentary. The documentary got highly respected in International festivals such as : Sebastopol documentary film festival ( Oscar Academy qualifying festival)[8] [9], VIVA Film Festival[10]VIVA Film Festival|, Cannes, Meihodo, Foca film days. There is also an Interview with Jean Mcglothlin on the subject of the documentary and cultural matters.[11]

The well-known Journeyman Pictures|Journeyman pictures has recently signed a contract with Salehi Nezhad and bought the distribution rights for Three Meters and a few Centimeters.[12][13]

Awards & Honors

Three meters and a few centimeters (2021)

  • Winner at Cannes world film festival [14]
  • Winner at Eurasia film festival of Russia[15]
  • Winner at Silk road film award of France[16][17]
  • Nominated for Sebastopol documentary film festival ( Oscar Academy qualifying festival)[8] for Three Meters and a few Centimeters[21][22]
  • Officially selected at Rendezvous with madness film festival of Canada
  • Officially selected at Stockholm city film festival of Sweden[23][24][25]
  • Officially selection at Kadoma film festival of Japan[26][27]
  • Three Meters and a few Centimeters was also highly respected in VIVA Film Festival[10]VIVA Film Festival|, Cannes, Meihodo, Foca film days

Cold Wind Blows (2018)

Meeting with the Undertaker (2018)


  • Winner of the best news reporter at Iranian TV stations festival - 2016
  • Officially selected at Indiewise (Florida ,US) film convention for Sixtiest documentary.[30]
  • The best statue of the TV production festival - 2016
  • Fifth International Festival of Cultural Short Films and Tourism of India
  • Top rank of 3rd Radio and Television Festival of Islamic countries for the documentary Bitter Cultivation
  • Selected by the jury in the short film festival of the Mah-e Asal (TV series) program


Salehi Nezhad has also translated a book called : Amaze Your Customers! , written by Daniel Zanettiinto persian for Nasle noandish pub.[31]

The book is written in 160 pages and its subject whirls around consumer issues and satisfaction, customer service and competition,


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