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IndustryMarketing & Consulting
Founded2020; 3 years ago (2020)
  • Ashton Wolfe
  • Felix Mohr
Hong Kong
Number of locations
4 (2020)
Area served

MohrWolfe is a Hong Kong based mainstream marketing and business development company.[1] It provides professional consulting services to businesses, specially VC Funds and startups, helping accelerate these businesses. The company specializes in services including public relations, advisory, offshore banking, business development, digital identities, mainstream media exposure and management consulting.[2]

After facing many trials and tribulations with third parties in the corporate finance world, MohrWolfe’s focus is on offering custom branding and marketing solutions that work for clients in different industries and verticals to achieve their goals. The company works closely with the companies and offers a marketing plan to gain better search and branding visibility.[3]


MohrWolfe was founded by Ashton Wolfe and Felix Mohr in March 2020. In almost a year, MohrWolfe has grown to be one of the finest business solutions companies in the continent and it continues to expand its horizons. With a combined experience of over 10 years in corporate business, Ashton and Felix bring to the table expertise and successful execution of ideas that are incorporated in their company as a whole.

Ashton Wolfe is an entrepreneur who built the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the world by leveraging media communications. He specialises in developing solutions for fintech businesses across various industries.

Felix Mohr is a multilingual business development specialist who has been associated with stakeholders in several sectors. Felix excels in Financial Technology and has worked with clients to help them with their sales targets.

After spending the last 2 years in offshore banking, Ashton and Felix left their day jobs and started MohrWolfe, revolving the same services but with more flexible terms. MohrWolfe’s primary goal is to help businesses tackle their current obstacles and help them grow further than imagined.

Products and services

MohrWolfe offers to its clients - mainstream recognition, content marketing and personalised interviews. With the culmination of such branding practices, MohrWolfe works with a strategic business development and marketing model. It also provides advisory and legal services which helps the clients in decision making and future planning of their companies.

MohrWolfe team works with its clients to help them in business development activities, building a digital identity to achieve better sales and referred online reputation. It has specific offerings for brand creation, banking solutions, and other ancillary services. Offshore banking is another service that MohrWolfe provides in addition to its branding

Business Development and Marketing

MohrWolfe offers business development services for Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business to Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sales activities. They build partnerships with businesses by association in media, sales marketing, advisory and consulting.

Corporate Finance

MohrWolfe also offers business services for corporate finance and HNWIs including offshore banking, company formation and legal advisory.


MohrWolfe works with journalists and editors in mainstream media hubs like TechCrunch, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ETC and uses Discord, LinkedIn, and Twitter to personally connect with their clients, writers and partners. Primarily working towards earned media coverage and generating permanent value for both sides.



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