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Misty Blanco
Misty Blanco.jpeg
Born (1981-12-12) December 12, 1981 (age 40)
Detroit, Michigan
NationalityIsiatic/Trinidadian/Apache Indian/Haitian
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Melodic Bop Artist
  • Misty TV Firm Corporation
Height5 ft 11 in (180 cm)

Misty Blanco also known as Mysterious is an American music producer, entrepreneur, director, and an actress. She is best known for creating “Melodic Bop,” a new genre of music that combines theatrical music, pop, classic rock, and bebop jazz.[1] Blanco was first introduced in reality show MTV’s Making the Band 2 with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, and since then, she has not looked back.[2]

Blanco was named as The Theatrical Blaquanese Rockstar by MTV.[3][4] After her debut single, “Who You Talkin Too,” she was noticed by “The Recording Academy” as a Grammy nominee. Her music has been often charted on Billboard, her latest single “Music Box” right after the release was on 400 billboard charting FM radio station.[5] She was signed by P. Diddy’s label Bad Boy Records, after she was in the top 12 finalists in reality TV show History as a Competitor.[6]

Blanco is the founder of television network The Misty TV Channel and currently serves as its CEO.[7]

Early life and education

Blanco was born on December 12, 1981. She is from Detroit, Michigan, and grew up on a street named Hanna in foster care. She attended Marshall Elementary School, Nolan Middle School, Cleveland Middle School, and Pershing High School.


Blanco began her career as a hip-hop artist and is currently the only artist in her genre “Melodic Bop,” which she is famously known for. Her venture, the Misty TV Firm Corporation, is a marketing and branding firm with 5 of its offices across the globe.[8] Within six months of its operation, she was given the name “Princess of Wall Street” for becoming a $4 million firm catering to celebrity artists, athletes, and filmmakers.

She was first recognized by “The Recording Academy” as a Grammy nominee for her single called “Who You Talkin Too.” Blanco is the first one to be listed in reality TV show History as a Competitor making it to the list of final 12, after which she got signed by P. Diddy’s label Bad Boy Records.[9]

Blanco is also the show creator and executive producer for shows Music Saved My Life, The Misty TV Blaque Okane Rockfest Tour, and Misty Blanco’s Greatest Show On Earth. Blanco’s The Misty TV Channel currently runs on Roku and all smart devices.[10]

She is known for being on the Top 50 Euro Charts conquering radio in 30 countries worldwide. Blanco also dominates Africa on the radio and the streets of China and Europe in 2021.[11]


Year Name Notes
2022 Interviews with a Goat
2022 Music Box
2020 Drop a Bag
2018 120 Carats
2017 Rotation and The Blanco Theory
2017 Rotation Clean Mix 1
2017 MST1 03
2017 MST1-NORM 01-01
2017 MST1-NORM 05-01

Awards and Recognition

In 2003, Blanco became a Billboard 5x plaque receiver for appearing as a performer and writer for her verse on Da Bands album “Too Hot For TV” song “How U Like Me Now.” She still holds the top ten in the European Billboard Charts.

She has also been Grammy nominated 4 times for her independent singles “Who You Talking Too” and “Winning Circle” with Rick Ross, “Righteous” and “Rotation.”

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