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Milan Kordestani
Milan Kordestani.PNG
Born (1999-04-22) April 22, 1999 (age 24) [1]
CitizenshipUnited States of America
EducationColorado College
Years active2015 - present
  • The Doe[2]
  • Dormzi
  • Guin Records[3]
Known forGuin Records[4]
Height6 ft (183 cm)
TitleCEO, Founder
  • Omid Kordestani (father)
  • Bita Daryabari (mother)

Milan Kordestani (born 22 April, 1999) is an American serial entrepreneur and speaker.[5] By the age of 19, Kordestani had founded four companies, Milan Farms that focused on eggs, poultry and saffron cultivation, Guin Records, an independent record label, Dormzi, a gig-based marketplace powered by college students, and The Doe, the world’s first anonymous online publication.[6]

Kordestani is the son of former twitter executive chairman, Omid Kordestani and philanthropist Bita Daryabari. He was the first person to publish research based on his successful experimentation of growing Saffron hydroponically in the United States. Kordestani is also a contributor for the Huffington Post and Thrive Global.

Early life and education

Kordestani was born in Stanford, California. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School. In 2009, Kordestani moved to London, England due to his Parent’s divorce and stayed there for a year attending Eaton Square School.[7] In 2010, however, Kordestani moved back to California, and graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017, where he was a dean’s ambassador and president of the SHP stock exchange. Kordestani graduated from Colorado college in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in environmental science.[8]


Kordestani started his first business venture, Milan Farms in 2015 when he was in his sophomore year. Milan Farms aimed at modernizing the farm egg industry.[9] It focused on the production and distribution of eggs, saffron and poultry. It was under this business, Kordestani published his research paper on his successful experimentation of growing saffron hydroponically on microfiber sponges.[10]

In July 2018, Kordestani co-founded Guin Records, a hip-hop record label company along with his sister Misha. The idea behind this company was to support purpose driven artists from around the world. Kordestani and his sister focus on the storytelling aspect of lyrics, signing select artists who represent that purpose while also selling label services to the greater artist community of non-signed artists.[11] Guin Records aims at collaborating with undiscovered artists and invests in producing high-quality tracks. The very first album released by Guin Records - Uncharted was a well-received first album with over 3.5 million Spotify streams and 4 million Apple Music streams.[12] Uncharted received over 2 million views on YouTube and 2.7 million downloads on SoundCloud. The founders later took down the album to prioritize their new signed artists.

Kordestani also founded the world’s first entirely anonymous online publication platform in 2020. The Doe aims at creating a secure space for selected contributors to share their experiences and stories on this blogging site.[13] The highlight of this platform is that people can share their ideas and opinions and speak about any issue without the fear of being identified or judged. Kordestani with his experience believed that a lot of people are unheard because of the societal fear and backlash that they might experience, and thus created The Doe which provided a platform for these voices.

In 2019, Kordestani co-founded Dormzi along with Sabine Rizvi when he was in his freshman year of college.[14] Dormzi provided consumer services like tutoring, food delivery, and errands exclusively for college students.[15] This app was designed to help students earn extra income without any hindrance in their study schedules. The platform later pivoted from a task-echange to a digital marketplace.[16][17]

Personal life

Kordestani was born to Omid Kordestani and Beta Daryabari in 1999. Korstani grew up in Stanford, California.

Kordestani was ranked 3rd in the World's Championship Horse Show in 2015, and second in 2016.


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