Michael Scarpaci

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Michael Scarpaci
Michael Scarpaci.jpg
Brooklyn, New York
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Alma mater
  • St. Finbar Roman Catholic Elementary School
  • Xaverian Catholic High School

Michael Scarpaci is an entrepreneur and business owner from Brooklyn, New York who is currently based in Miami, Florida[1]. Michael is the founder of AxisAll, a business that specializes in alternative financing, which he launched in 2008 and has offices in both Brooklyn and Miami[2].

Early Life and Education

Michael grew up in Brooklyn, New York with a large close-knit Italian family with his parents and 4 siblings. His family owns an operates the Scarpaci Funeral Home[3], which has been in Brooklyn since 1910. Michael attended St. Finbar Roman Catholic Elementary School and Xaverian Catholic High School in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn.


Throughout his life, Michael has been a part of the family business, Scarpaci Funeral Home, which has been in his family since 1910.

After school, Michael spent time working several different industries including car sales and insurance, until he found his true passion in the field of Finance.

In 2008, Michael founded AxisAll[4], a business which specializes in alternative financing for small businesses. Currently AxisAll has locations in both Brooklyn and Miami.


In 2022, Michael launched the Michael Scarpaci Scholarship for Student Entrepreneurs[5], which aims to give back with scholarship funding to the next generation of entrepreneurs while generating awareness to the issues faced by young business owners[6].


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