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Meta Skellies NFT
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Meta Skellies NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique skelly tokens that take shelter on the Ethereum blockchain.[1] The project allows its users to earn passive income while earning multiple incentives in form of airdrops, giveaways, and exclusive access to upcoming projects. Along with the participation in the Skellies Festival, holders will also get a special invite to the Private Skellies Holder Club granting them access to channels and IRL events.[2]


The idea behind Meta Skellies was developed by co-founders Pierre and Giovanni, wherein Pierre is responsible for smart contracts and the project technology, while Giovanni is in charge of artworks and the social media strategy of Meta Skellies NFT. The two founders are joined by Sophie as Head of Marketing, Vincent for the website, Lukas for DeFi, Luna as team moderator, Coco and Milan as Discord moderators, and Edd for programming.[3][4]

Meta Skellies NFT caters to and would interest avid digital art collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and investors.The profit from the first drop of Meta Skellies will be put into the DeFi stake with an expected APY of 8-12%. Rewards vary greatly depending on rarity, and holders can earn the project’s own coin, which will be the form of the holding rewards: the Skelly Coin.[5]

Along with the participation in the Skellies Festival, holders will also get a special invite to the Private Skellies Holder Club on Discord granting them access to channels and IRL events.[6]


Metamask is the preferred wallet of choice for all skelly holders. The Meta Skellies NFT community also supports a custom algorithm that carefully selects each trait for each NFT, thus eliminating the possibility of duplication and ensuring distinct characters for its holders.[7]

Types and attributes

Meta Skellies NFT features 100% hand-drawn characters that come with multiple traits and unique attributes. The Skellies draw inspiration from various cultures around the world that come in various skin colors, clothing, eyewear, headgear, eyes, and hairstyles among others. Some of these skeleton-inspired characters come with an exposed brain or dangling eyes.

Roadmap of Meta Skellies NFT

Meta Skellies NFT is gearing up for a launch in May 2022, with the mint price yet to be announced. The skelly NFT holders will be allowed to mint up to 10 skellies with 2000 spots available for whitelisting. Once the collection is entirely sold out, the developers and the community will celebrate with the week-long Skellies Festival followed by giveaways and incentives.

Meta Skellies NFT will introduce its second collection of NFTs, the Degenerate Skellies soon. Owning both an original Skelly and a Degenerate Skelly will witness an increase in the holders’ rewards.



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