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IndustryGraphic design and art
Headquarters1511EZ Oostzaan, The Netherlands
Area served
ProductsWearable collection
WebsiteOfficial Website

MetaWear is a digital art studio that specializes in generating 3d rendered models and characters for use in online games and Metaverses. The platform focuses on digital fashion, such as what an online persona might wear to express themselves in the digital world.[1]

As of 2022, the studio has released two feature collections and a Decentraland Collection that has garnered mass popularity within the game-playing aficionados.


  • MetaWear Triple Shoe
  • Gekoloniseerd Hoodie
  • Community Jacket
  • Los Muertos Mask

MetaWear x SkinnyBandit Collection

  • Public Enemy #1 Coat
  • Public Enemy #1 Pants
  • Public Enemy #1 Hat
  • Bandit 3.0 mask

MetaWear x The Bitcoin Bull Collection

Bitcoin Bulls Helmet



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