Martin van Blerk

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Martin van Blerk
Martin van Blerk.jpg
NationalityNew Zealander
CitizenshipNew Zealand
Alma materUniversity of Waikato
  • Caliber (Founder & CEO)
  • Namaco (Director)

Martin van Blerk is a South African-born entrepreneur, game developer and investor based in New Zealand. He is the founder and CEO of Caliber, an AI-powered talent acquisition platform. He is the director at Namaco, actively investing in startups.

Early life and education

Van Blerk was born in South Africa and raised in New Zealand. He studied business management, game development, and marketing at the University of Waikato. During his time at the university, van Blerk played football with the Waikato Unicol A.F.C. First Team.


Van Blerk is the founder and CEO of Caliber, an AI-powered talent acquisition platform launching in 2024. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to streamline the job recruitment process. Caliber's tracking system aids HR professionals and recruiters in evaluating and matching candidates with suitable job roles.

Van Blerk is also a director at Namaco, an investment firm dedicated to supporting exciting and disrupting startups. Through strategic partnerships and financial backing, Namaco empowers new business ventures, providing operational and marketing support alongside crucial funds.

Van Blerk is the founder, project lead, and creative director of an upcoming mobile game set to be released in 2024. With a large team of developers in New Zealand and Canada their long-term goal is to exceed 10 million downloads for the game.

Van Blerk has also founded Pixelmon, a gaming venture that attracted top talent from global gaming studios, such as Activision Blizzard and Riot Games, and laid the foundation for planned developments in comics, anime, and video games.

Van Blerk is also passionately working on a novel series as an outlet for his creativity, one that introduces readers to a world and characters that resonate universally.


  • The Ethereal Trials (To be published, 2024/25)

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