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IndustryApparel and Fashion
Founded2016; 7 years ago (2016)
FounderCindi Busenhart[1]
Santa Cruz
Key people
  • Rob Roskopp
  • Nico Peruzzi
  • Jason Acuna
  • Keith Meek
  • Gigli Locatelli
ProductsSock Brand

MERGE4 is an American sock brand that manufactures graphic and sustainable socks.[2] It was founded in 2016 by Cindi Busenhart as a certified B corporation with the idea to promote and empower the art culture by collaborating with artists, athletes and musicians. MERGE4 partners with non-profit organizations in order to bring a positive change in society.[3] The company has its headquarters in Santa Cruz, California.[4][5]

MERGE4 is best known for its variety of socks made of quality material that are created in collaboration with a number of artists and nonprofit organizations.[6] The highlighting feature of MERGE4 socks is that their ‘CULT-WEAVE’ works to cushion the ‘arch’ area of the foot.[7] MERGE4 has built a diverse family of brand ambassadors that support the same cause as the company.[8]

MERGE4 has collaborated with several artists like the rock bands KISS, Sublime and Foo Fighters, photographers Dave Nelson and MOFO, best in class athletes like Steve Caballero and Greg Minnaar and creative artists.[9][10]


MERGE4 was founded by Cindi Busenhart with the aim to facilitate a more sustainable, inclusive and ethical future by incorporating art into real life.[11] The company started its journey by introducing itself as a state of the art sock company that manufacturers artistic socks. MERGE4 has gained a lot of recognition especially in the sports and artistic domain. MERGE4 has developed into one of the most exciting action sports sock brands by leveraging the involvement of a number of ambassadors to endorse the brand by offering their expertise and artistic skills.

In March 2019, social-media and technology expert Guy Kawasaki joined the company as chief evangelist (brand promoter).[12][13]

The collaboration team of MERGE4 includes Steve Caballero, Wee Man, Mofo, Dave Nelson, Ed Colver, Dirk Vermin, Bad Otis Link, Scott Greathouse, Greg Minnaar, Taylor Reinhold, Natas Kaupas, Koa Rothman, Jimbo Phillips, Richard Kirby, Josh Rodriguez, Jay Moriarity Foundation and several other influential artistic people.[14][15]

The board of directors of MERGE4 include Rob Roskopp, Nico Peruzzi and Jason Acuna who are responsible for driving a global movement of people using business as a working force for good.[16][17]


MERGE4 has made a number of collaborations and successfully initiated the aim of bringing original works of art to life on socks. MERGE4 has released a number of collaborative projects with several musicians, artists and athletes incorporating trendy and aesthetic designs that gained popularity all over the world.[18][19]



MERGE4 is an avid believer of giving back to the society by contributing to several non-profit organizations like Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, San Diego Zoo and others. MERGE4 has contributed for a diverse range of programs that work for noble causes having the aim to make this world a better place, like the ones working to save the endangered animals or having pediatric transplant programs.[22]

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